Pat & Sierra's Beautiful Wedding at Evergreen Lake House

Pat & Sierra's Mountain Wedding | Evergreen Lake House | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography 

Hand in hand,

Pat and Sierra walked along Evergreen Lake,

Carrying the greens and blues of the Rockies in their palms.

A few feet away, 

Hina playing in the mud

Put Sierra’s white dress at the mercy of unpredictable paws.

When they called to her

Hina came barreling forward,

Love leaping from her eyes

Unbeknownst to the spirit of the day.

This was just another walk for her,

Another chance to play beneath the sun—

 But for Pat and Sierra:

These were the first steps of their new partnership.

Strolling back to the celebration,

Hina’s muddy paws 

Never caused any concern.

Pat and Sierra knew 

That they were just another hue

To add to the greens and blues 

In the palms of their hands.

Destination Wedding for this fun Hawaiian Couple

I loved working with this beautiful and energetic couple! Sierra’s family is originally from Colorado and they ended up moving out to Hawaii so she wanted to return to her roots for her wedding. It felt sort of ironic to have a “destination wedding” where the couple LEAVES Hawaii — a popular destination wedding spot — to come to the states to get married. But Colorado is so beautiful and iconic that is totally made sense for this awesome couple.

Pat is a doctor and so easy to get along with. He was laid back and a lot of fun. You could tell that he cares a lot about his core group of friends and they had so much fun with their whole wedding party. Sierra is bubbly and outgoing and unbelievably active. They rock climb, snowboard, surf, and sail and hike and just about every other cool sport together. This couple is super inspiring because they just have such a zest for life. Sierra lived on a boat and has explored much of the East by water. They also love their pup and had so much fun celebrating their wedding with her.

I first met up with them when they were visiting to get all of their wedding planning done. I could tell how organized they were from the beginning which made working with this couple that much easier. All of the parts of the day were well thought out, organized, and so much fun!

Mountain Photography:  Apollo Photo  
Wedding Writing:  Apollo Journalism

Colorado Wedding Venue: Evergreen Lake House

Wedding Coordinating: Lauren “Lo” Wiltshire with The Gardner Effect “TGE”