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Heather & Terrence were so professional, yet incredibly fun and calming to have at our wedding.
They were so good at providing a safe, relaxed atmosphere, and really helped us in the time leading up to the wedding.
We absolutely loved them!
— Bethany D.


Terrence huie

Your in-house writer and co-host.  Nothing is more important to him than your happiness and the telling of your story.  He never settles for less than the genuine and constantly provokes the silly child that lives inside your heart.  He assuages your worries and always has an eye out for the hidden smiles and brief embraces of the day.  You can't get on his bad side...unless you beat him at Scrabble two times in a row.  

have your story told

Apollo Photography brings you back to your precious moments, but Apollo Journalism rounds out the story.  Apollo Journalism fills in the gaps where your memory lapses: it is the eyes on the back of your head, capturing all you that you didn't see; it is the laughing ears, listening to all the jokes told 'round your centerpieces; it is remembering the intoxicating smells that filled your noses on the day that love floated in the air.  When life falls between the cracks our words at Apollo Journalism are there to catch them.      

Colorado wedding journalism

A truly unique experience and memento.  Have a published professional writer at your wedding, taking in all of the beautiful details and turning it into a literary masterpiece.  Terrence will craft a one-of-a-kind poem about your wedding day, telling your story with such a richness that you will find yourself reliving your day every time you read it.  With a professional background in copywriting, journalism, and hospitality that began in New York City, NY, Terrence focuses on capturing the essence of your day, penning stories from loved ones like your own personal journalist.  


Your photographer captures your visual narrative.  
Your videographer captures the moving parts.  
Your band captures rhythm.  
Your journalist captures your story.  

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Apollo Journalism Products

We are dedicated to giving you the highest quality keepsakes that are all expertly handcrafted; no two pieces are alike.