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I instantly tear up when I look at these photos.
Heather’s creativity, passion and love for photography simply shines through her images.
— Nicole H.

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Heather Huie

Heather is our in-house professional photographer who has an artistic obsession with natural light.  When she’s not wrangling your next of kin for formals by asserting her east coast kindness, you will probably find her in the woods, holding her hand in the air to catch a reflection of the sun’s rays.  She has a knack for finding locations that make natural surroundings look like professional sets, placing her subjects in an ethereal glow that’s usually reserved for storybook endings.  An experienced industry professional through-and-through, she navigates the timeline of the day with a caring, hospitable hand and a keen artistic eye. 

imagine your wedding day

Close your eyes... picture your friends and family embracing, smiling, lifting their champagne glasses to heartfelt toasts and the inevitable dance party that ensues.  Imagine walking amidst your loved ones, your eyes slowly glancing up to meet those of the person you love and the sheepish urge you feel to look away – the feeling lasts for less than a second – but we captured it and now its yours forever.  

Apollo Fields seamlessly blends into your special day as if we've shared meals together, capturing the little smirks and quirks that are unique to your loved ones because we have an eye for the intimate and hearts that yearn for memories.  We immerse ourselves in your fun experience to assure that we tell your story as accurately as possible while we bust a dance move or two.    

real-deal experience

With over six years of full-time experience in the wedding industry, Heather has seen it all.  Originally based in New York City, NY, where she finished her Masters in Photography at Columbia University, Heather has photographed everything from weddings in Central Park and atop skyscrapers, to small farms between aspen trees and lavish resorts surrounded by ski slopes.  Her favorite weddings often include dramatic landscapes, personalized details, farm-to-table concepts, and ideally a few four-legged friends.  She arrives at your day with an open mind and heart, embracing all genders, sexualities, and religious beliefs.  Be yourself, and she will be there to capture it!  

adventure wedding photography

We live in Long Island but can also work as locals in Colorado.
We also LOVE to travel, so please don't be shy! 
We have shot numerous destination and international weddings, and can work with your budget to make it a reality.     
Our origins are on the East Coast in New York City and a farm in Ramsey, New Jersey.
Holding visions of rolling mountains in rural Pennsylvania near Philadelphia.
Dreaming in the Northern Lights of Iceland and the aromas of the Italian countryside.