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Finally, the first photographer – journalist duo on the market
to give your guests a fun experience, 
capture a truly unique perspective,
and deliver a beautiful archival product. 

Terrence & Heather Huie

Apollo Fields founders, Terrence and Heather holding their chickens

partners; in business & in life

We're an East Coast husband-and-wife team who recently moved back to Long Island after shooting weddings in Colorado for the last few years. We have a serious love for both NY and CO and balance our professional lives with a healthy dose of silliness, craft beer, and creative friends.  Our dogs, Riddle & Rumor, and our horse, Limbo, hold down the fort of our little home when we are off exploring the mountains, embracing the outdoors, and shooting weddings in the woods.  

When not adventuring, we frequently host dinner parties because we enjoy connecting people in an intimate setting where political correctness is checked at the door.  We find that a loose, judgment-free atmosphere creates the space for people to unwind and let their natural selves come to the surface.  There are few things that we enjoy more than bringing people together to share a homemade meal and a genuine, hearty laugh.

Our relationship is based on a mutual independence where we maintain individual autonomy while constantly seeking to improve our partnership through honest communication.  When our conversations do get combative (and they inevitably do in any meaningful relationship), we come back down to earth by reminding ourselves of the importance of rationality and empathy, because we realize that love is a process of understanding and not a neatly wrapped store-bought Hallmark card. 

Hard work, guttural laughs, and adventures adorn the timeline of our past – with any luck – they will also be the forecast for our future.


what we love: 

each other
paraplegic dogs (or just dogs in general)
youtube-ing "puppies and stairs"
anything farm-to-table
beer / good whiskey
super smokey, peaty scotch (maybe just heather)
rap & hip-hop (maybe just terrence)
bad-ass couples / clients-turned-friends
ponies, laughter, memories, poetry, photographs, and everything in between

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She captures moods in the best light, and takes stories rather than pictures.
— Halcyon Magazine

Are you looking for a unique wedding experience that can tell your story?  

So are we.

We believe in artisanship and living life to its fullest – your wedding day should be no different.  Let us tell your unique story and break from tradition if it doesn't fit. We are inspired by unconventional couples that seize authenticity and aren't afraid to be themselves.  When we arrive at your wedding camera-and-pen in hand, we look for those in-between moments that really matter and capture all of the fleeting moments in words and pictures so that every time you look back on them you not only see your wedding day, you feel it all over again.