Emily and Augie's Beach Wedding in Cape Cod

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Cape Cod, Massachusetts holds a special place in my heart. From the cottage style homes set back from the windswept sandy streets, to the multitude of mini-golf courses, lobster rolls and ocean beaches; the laid-back summer vibe is built into the DNA of the peninsula. As a kid, my family vacationed there every year, renting out the same cottage on the Great Pond in Eastham with a creaky screen door and a hammock in the front yard. This year, Heather and I continued the family tradition by photographing a wedding for a Brooklyn-based couple, Emily and Augie, and Cape Cod’s special place in my heart got a whole lot bigger. 


Emily and Augie first met at a small liberal arts school in upstate New York and have been “Emily and Augie” ever since. I refer to them as a couple in scare quotes because they’re one of those couples that complement each other so well that you wonder if telepathy really exists. Their relationship is more than being on the same page—it’s like they have both already finished the book, written a critique, and printed and packaged it nicely with one of those plastic sleeves you only use for really important documents.  Emily and Augie come prepared with the best parts of a “type A” personality, carry themselves with a relaxed elegance, and aren’t afraid to be goofy. Thus, it was no surprise that Emily and Augie and their respective families were an absolute dream to work with!

Emily and Augie held their wedding ceremony on the beach of a private inlet of Little Pleasant Bay (aww) in Orleans. Augie didn’t wear shoes. Their close family friend, “Commodore Dave,” officiated and told a story about a hike up Mount Washington they all did together, using it as an analogy of their personalities, reminding everyone of their different styles of outdoor recreational preparation (Augie wore sneakers instead of hiking boots on a rugged trail while Emily came prepared to the 9’s).

The rest of the service involved readings from their close friends and family members, including a sonnet from Shakespeare and a quote from science writer Bill Bryson. The tone of Commodore Dave’s voice matched the breezy atmosphere of a warm fall day on the beach in the northeast, taking natural pauses to leave space for reflection and laughter


The reception followed at Augie’s family’s private residence just up the road. A charming mix of lights dangled from a pristine white tent, warmly welcoming guests to a cocktail hour that included some of Cape Cod’s finest shellfish. A large live band warming up in the background created the perfect ambiance for old friends to reconnect, family members to share stories, and grab a drink or two before the party really kicked off. Emily and Augie bounced from table to table and I think Emily may’ve even been bare foot by then. In an idyllic mix of class and comfort, the night pressed on in an undeniably “Emily and Augie” way. 

When the night came to a close I found myself dangling my feet from the tree swing in their backyard. I watched as their wedding guests clung to the last few moments of the reception in long embraces and future promises. Working in the wedding industry teaches you that the way a couple chooses to celebrate their love says a lot about them. As for Emily and Augie, I imagine their future will be just as beautifully planned and executed, with many moments of sinking their toes into the Cape Cod sands in between.   

Enjoy these sneak peeks of Emily & Augie’s Wedding:


Photography & Writing | Apollo Fields
Live Band | Solon Z and the Sapphires
DJ | DJ Nixx Entertainment
Cake/Bakery | Hole in One
Decor/Party Rentals | Peak Rentals
Event Planner | Dana Hammatt; Macs Catering
Dress & Veil | Anomalie
Hair | NY Hair Co. (Orleans, MA)
Makeup | Amanda Bowen Comeau
Earrings | Mignonne Gavigan
Engagement Ring | Doyle and Doyle
Bouquet Ties | Roxanne Assouline


All Weddings Need Beer-Toting Donkeys

Pretty self-explanatory here. We had Heather’s aunt Pam’s donkey, Brownie, outfitted with a custom-made beer basket by her uncle, Steve, for our wedding. Just another day in the life. Happy one year anniversary, babe!