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Emily and Augie's Beach Wedding in Cape Cod

Emily & Augie’s Wedding | Cape Cod Beach Weddings | New England Photographers | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Cape Cod, Massachusetts holds a special place in my heart. From the cottage style homes set back from the windswept sandy streets, to the multitude of mini-golf courses, lobster rolls and ocean beaches; the laid-back summer vibe is built into the DNA of the peninsula. As a kid, my family vacationed there every year, renting out the same cottage on the Great Pond in Eastham with a creaky screen door and a hammock in the front yard. This year, Heather and I continued the family tradition by photographing a wedding for a Brooklyn-based couple, Emily and Augie, and Cape Cod’s special place in my heart got a whole lot bigger. 


Emily and Augie first met at a small liberal arts school in upstate New York and have been “Emily and Augie” ever since. I refer to them as a couple in scare quotes because they’re one of those couples that complement each other so well that you wonder if telepathy really exists. Their relationship is more than being on the same page—it’s like they have both already finished the book, written a critique, and printed and packaged it nicely with one of those plastic sleeves you only use for really important documents.  Emily and Augie come prepared with the best parts of a “type A” personality, carry themselves with a relaxed elegance, and aren’t afraid to be goofy. Thus, it was no surprise that Emily and Augie and their respective families were an absolute dream to work with!

Emily and Augie held their wedding ceremony on the beach of a private inlet of Little Pleasant Bay (aww) in Orleans. Augie didn’t wear shoes. Their close family friend, “Commodore Dave,” officiated and told a story about a hike up Mount Washington they all did together, using it as an analogy of their personalities, reminding everyone of their different styles of outdoor recreational preparation (Augie wore sneakers instead of hiking boots on a rugged trail while Emily came prepared to the 9’s).

The rest of the service involved readings from their close friends and family members, including a sonnet from Shakespeare and a quote from science writer Bill Bryson. The tone of Commodore Dave’s voice matched the breezy atmosphere of a warm fall day on the beach in the northeast, taking natural pauses to leave space for reflection and laughter


The reception followed at Augie’s family’s private residence just up the road. A charming mix of lights dangled from a pristine white tent, warmly welcoming guests to a cocktail hour that included some of Cape Cod’s finest shellfish. A large live band warming up in the background created the perfect ambiance for old friends to reconnect, family members to share stories, and grab a drink or two before the party really kicked off. Emily and Augie bounced from table to table and I think Emily may’ve even been bare foot by then. In an idyllic mix of class and comfort, the night pressed on in an undeniably “Emily and Augie” way. 

When the night came to a close I found myself dangling my feet from the tree swing in their backyard. I watched as their wedding guests clung to the last few moments of the reception in long embraces and future promises. Working in the wedding industry teaches you that the way a couple chooses to celebrate their love says a lot about them. As for Emily and Augie, I imagine their future will be just as beautifully planned and executed, with many moments of sinking their toes into the Cape Cod sands in between.   

Enjoy these sneak peeks of Emily & Augie’s Wedding:


Photography & Writing | Apollo Fields
Live Band | Solon Z and the Sapphires
DJ | DJ Nixx Entertainment
Cake/Bakery | Hole in One
Decor/Party Rentals | Peak Rentals
Event Planner | Dana Hammatt; Macs Catering
Dress & Veil | Anomalie
Hair | NY Hair Co. (Orleans, MA)
Makeup | Amanda Bowen Comeau
Earrings | Mignonne Gavigan
Engagement Ring | Doyle and Doyle
Bouquet Ties | Roxanne Assouline


All Weddings Need Beer-Toting Donkeys

Pretty self-explanatory here. We had Heather’s aunt Pam’s donkey, Brownie, outfitted with a custom-made beer basket by her uncle, Steve, for our wedding. Just another day in the life. Happy one year anniversary, babe!

Mercie & Dan’s Rollins Pass Engagement Shoot in Nederland, CO

Mercie & Dan’s Engagement Session | Rollins Pass Nederland, Colorado | Mountain Engagements | Apollo Fields

As night gave way to day, rays of sunshine swept away the shadows on the trees, lifting golden purples and greens to contrast with the muted blue sky. The morning chill still lingering in the air brought our breaths and bodies closer together as our reflections shivered upon the reservoir’s still surface. Movements warm our bodies just as emotions stir our souls; and there’s always that one look during these engagement sessions that reveals this inward dance in the eyes of our couples—a sort of intimate revelation—that leaps from their irises like the first light over a dark horizon. 

Mercie and Dan were first set up in high school and their relationship still shines with an optimistic and exuberant young energy. Bolstered by their strong and confident characters, it’s hard not to be enamored by the story of how Mercie asked Dan to prom by spelling it out in sushi at Dan’s first experience with the Japanese culinary tradition. Cuter still is how Mercie doubled down on this romantic gesture when asking Dan to marry her! (If that doesn’t immediately make you think of a scene in a romantic comedy I don’t know what does.) Their happiness during their engagement shoot in Nederland was as palpable as the smiles on their faces. Kind of like what Dan said about the first time she told Mercie she loved her (at prom), “[the words] just sort of fell out of my face.”


Bearing witness and documenting relationships like Mercie and Dan’s is just one of the many reasons why Heather and I love running Apollo Fields. Whether it’s the privilege of connecting with such loving people, or appreciating a love in an idyllic yin-and-yang, conditional-meeting-unconditional balance that serves as a reminder for Heather and I’s own symbiotic relationship, or perhaps the most practical and paramount point— what these photos mean to them. Around every corner of every moment of these engagement sessions are parts of life to be appreciated. We promise to never to forget that. For our sake—and for Apollo Fields’ sake.


Mercie and Dan aren’t sure where or when they are going to get married, but we hope to be there. They’re moving to California in a couple months and we’d follow them coast-to-coast, hell maybe even continent-to-continent if they asked us. We’re so excited for them to start this next journey together and know that they have all of the support they will ever need.

Sometimes in life you take leaps and sometimes you take bruises. “You learn to figure things out,” Mercie said, “I am who I am through trial and error.” I believe that the freedom to explore the world inside and outside ourselves is the key to finding enduring happiness and supportive partners. By staying close to home, or refusing to acknowledge the movements of the emotions inside our bodies and minds, our worldviews become myopic and close-minded. Learning to take risks and choosing to be brave opens an entire world of experiences, so if you’re looking for that little push—just remember—that first light is just on the other side of the dark horizon.

Here’s to you Mercie and Dan!

Colorado Engagement Photography:

Colorado Wedding Photography | Apollo Fields

Bri & Tyler's Montauk Engagement Session

Bri & Tyler’s Engagement Session | Montauk NY | The Hamptons Destination Weddings | Apollo Fields Wedding Photographers

    An early evening summer breeze coming off the Atlantic reminds the Montauk locals of the sun and the salt on their skin, but that same breeze that warms a beach bum’s heart can chill a Texan to the bone. A kind memory of home to Bri is a reminder to Tyler just how far he is from his, but come October 2020 their families will join to celebrate their love in a half-homegrown, half-destination wedding.

    Many would consider it a luxury to grow up in a destination wedding town, embracing the lifestyle and culture that seems as light as a day on the beach.  Others might say that the summer months that bring tourists and city slickers who clog the one road, two-lane streets like the sidewalks in Manhattan are killing their vibes.  The reality is that the sun shines no matter what and despite the traffic we are all going to enjoy our drink of choice on the beach for one reason or another.

For Bri, hosting her wedding in Montauk will be like having her own personal welcoming parade of family and neighbors, smiling faces lining either side of the aisle like a beach version of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  While Tyler and his family, although no strangers to coastal waters, will mostly likely be dipping their toes into the Atlantic a bit more timidly than they do in the Gulf of Mexico. The thing about the locations of weddings is—whether a new or familiar experience—the love in the room is all the same.

Weddings offer us wonderful opportunities to connect with groups of people we might not speak to in our daily lives.  Too often our occupations and locations restrict us to familiar routines that can limit our world experience, but when love is the accepted common ground all conversations and connections are possible.  There is simply no space for judgment when love is in the air.  Breathe it in, take it in, and clink glasses with someone you might otherwise not meet.

Heather and I are so lucky to share these spaces in places all over the world, snapping photos and writing down all of the emotions that we see.  I’ve said before that our emotions are our secrets until we share them with someone, but on wedding days most people wear them as proudly as their finest suit or most elegant dress.  Restraining the contents of our hearts would be like putting those garments back in the closet and throwing on the wrinkled clothes that adorn the floor.  Instead we see tears trickle down cheeks like rain down window panes and eyes well up like dams that are about to burst.

A forum to express the version of ourselves that is too often buttoned up and hidden away is one of the many reasons that make our jobs more than an occupation or service.  According to our tax documents we are wedding photographers, but according to ourselves we are photojournalists who never settle for the surface, always scanning the room for people to show us the best version of themselves.  

Enjoy these pics from Bri & Tyler’s Montauk Engagement Session:


Hi! We’re Terrence & Heather…

…we are the husband-and-wife duo of Apollo Fields! Thanks for checking out Bri & Tyler’s engagement photos. We are so stoked to shoot their 2020 Wedding at Gosman’s Dock in Montauk!

Naomi & Johnny's Virginia Engagement Session at Noland Trail and Oozlefinch Brewery

Naomi & Johnny’s Engagement Session | Oozlefinch Brewery | Noland Trail | Norfolk Virginia Engagements | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

It’s no secret that we love to travel! It’s one of my favorite things about the business so we always jump at the opportunity to shoot destination engagements and weddings. Throwing the dogs, cameras, backpack of clothes, and a board game or two in the back of the car and hitting the road is what we do best.

We got the chance to shoot Naomi and Johnny’s engagement session in Norfolk, VA because they are air-force and have been stationed in separate states. Naomi is currently in Colorado and Johnny is in Virginia, and this was going to be their last weekend together before their wedding in May so we cruised down the east coast to meet up with them for a rainy afternoon. We began the session at Noland Trail which is where they got engaged (fittingly enough it was also raining that day) but we could only stay for a short amount of time before the weather really moved in.

So off to Oozlefinch Brewery we went! We were so excited when they suggested this location because we’re totally craft-brewery people and were already mapping out our brew tour of the east coast :) The beer was all amazing and we gladly enjoyed a few flights together. It was great to hang out with them, snapping pictures, chatting about how they met, and wedding planning. We’re shooting their wedding in May at The Pines at Genessee in CO which we’re really excited for! We are also looking forward to recognizing a few faces in the crowd since Naomi is the cousin of Dylan (one of our 2017 grooms) and how we originally met this fun couple!

Virginia Engagement Photography: Apollo Fields

Locations: Noland Loop Trail, Noland News Virginia | Oozlefinch Craft Brewery, Hampton VA

Anna & Jeff's Colorado Engagement Session at Mount Falcon

Anna & Jeff’s Engagement Session | Mt Falcon Engagements | Morrison, Colorado | Red Rocks Photography | Apollo Fields Wedding Photographers

I’m so excited to be working with Anna and Jeff because they are both outdoorsy, laid back professionals who are very much so our ‘vibe’ of people! I first met them through a dear friend, Kerry, since they had just relocated from the East Coast to Colorado for work and were recently engaged. Anna was in the beginning phases of wedding planning so we were chatting about some of my favorite venues in the mountains. They were between Colorado and Maine and of course, I was down for either location!

They ultimately decided to have their wedding in Maine at the Granite Ridge Estate & Barn in Norway, Maine which was a totally win-win for us! We love barn weddings and I’m a huge fan of Maine :) so we jumped at the opportunity. But I still loved the idea of doing an epic Colorado mountainy engagement session to represent the different parts of their lives, so in December, we set up an awesome photo sesh at Mount Falcon in Morrison, Colorado.

I love this location because it’s easy to get to, puts you right in the mountains, and you have Red Rocks Amphitheater in the background. Red Rocks was one of the big things that ultimately drew us to CO so I just love everything about the energy there. We met up and Anna and Jeff had such an awesome energy together that I immediately knew we’d be a great fit. They are a lighthearted and easygoing couple, but we were quickly able to connect about our mutual friends and East Coast boarding school life. They both transplanted from Taft School which was part of the same New England consortium that I was a part of in high school (I went to Ethel Walker for four years in addition to working for a boarding school so I can totally relate to this industry!)

This engagement session was so much fun because they had such a great time hiking and hanging with each other in the mountains while the sun set. I loved wrapping up the weekend with these guys and I am so excited to shoot their wedding in just a few months!!!

Photography: Heather Huie for Apollo Fields
Location: Mt. Falcon | Morrison Colorado

Happy Birthday, Heather!

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Heather’s Birthday Post – November 15, 2018

Happy Birthday to the woman who has taken the best parts about me and brought them to the surface. Without her, I wouldn’t be a published author, small business owner, or husband—AKA everything that means something to me at this point in my life. I honestly have no idea where I would be without her—and I look forward to all of the places we will be together that we do not yet know.

Heather is the kind of person to triple book herself, crush each event, then ask for more. I’m the kind of person to bring her a bottle of whiskey and an empty tumbler. That’s how we differ yet that’s why we work. In a constant state of give-and-take, we spin through our days like ice in a mixing glass, swirling around our personalities like flavors, combining our contrasts into a well-balanced drink—smooth yet strong, and the lingering taste leaves you asking for more. It’s not perfect but it does keep us happy.

This time last year we were driving to an AirBnB tucked in the mountains, safe from the chill with a cozy wood-burning fireplace. This year we’re riding the LIRR to carouse about NYC and enjoy a different side of life. Seemingly always on the same page, Heather and I are writing our story together with a pen we share, speaking different voices onto the page with the same ink. Every year that passes every take stock of all of our experiences and each year exceeds the last. I’m just grateful to have a partner to explore so many worlds with.

In the last month we moved cross country, made all the food for our wedding, got married, took a honeymoon to Jamaica, and settled into our interim home in Long Island. Just writing that made me tired, yet at no point during it did I feel fatigued. We approached each day as a team, working towards a shared goal in each of our imperfect ways. By sharing our individual energies, we rejuvenate each other along the way with jokes, side dishes, and healthy dollops of silliness. It’s like when you work with someone behind the bar long enough that you know where they put the Maraschino cherries, only when you get there the jar is empty and you look up at them to see them making a ridiculous face. Everyday of our lives is like that and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Somehow on her birthday I started talking about the great things about us and strangely enough, I don’t know a better compliment for a person. Heather is a facilitator, a happy haggler, an absolutely messy chef, and will be an even better mother. When I think about the journey of life and how each year represents so much yet so little, I remember the infinitude of infantile moments we’ve laughed through and the major milestones we’ve high-fived to. It’s entirely too easy to get lost as we move through different stages of my life, but this day has me grateful for Heather’s face, happily illuminated over her birthday candle to help guide my way.


Jamaica Honeymoon - Day 6

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Final Day in Jamaica – Pam’s Birthday

Mid-flight en route back to New Jersey – Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

When I opened my eyes on the last full day of our honeymoon in Jamaica, the pale blue sky peered over the balcony and climbed into our four post bed into the space between dreaming and reality. Light and ethereal, each blink revealed a bit more of the world I’ve come to love, inviting me to ease down the floating wooden staircase one more time. I didn’t know then, but in those fleeting moments, the lens through which I’ve viewed the world finally lined up with the way the island of Jamaica communicates to your soul.

I started the day by setting down a steaming cup of coffee on a table right outside of Pam’s room. It was her 61st birthday and I knew that that would be the first thing on her wish list. Stepping outside into the blaring sun, we gently made our way down to the volcanically-formed cliffs of Negril at Sun Down Villa, careful not to spill any of our precious liquid energy along the way. We stumbled upon Rick and Steve lounging, plucking at a ukulele as the notes drifted and eventually faded into the warm, Caribbean air. Pam and Rick decided to take a cruise on their Vespa down to the beach where their love of the island first began over thirty years ago.

Heather, Steve, and I abruptly made a move towards Just Natural Fish and Veggies, the local food joint in the bush of Westmoreland. Our first trip there, Pam had her eyes on a locally-crafted blue canvas bag with a crudely-but-beautifully painted sunset and we knew we had to get it for her. We enjoyed another meal and chatted with our favorite hosts, Theresa and Christine, as they shared unsolicited marital advice about loving one another and your children. Our favorite anecdote was Christine’s memory of when she first got married: “oh in those times, we would make love anywhere it was dark — in the bush, in our bedroom, it didn’t matter. But remember, always lock your door and wear a nightie!” Satiated in body and mind, we scooted from the richest Jamaican experience we’d had to date.

All of us eventually regathered and began our trip to various cliffside resorts. It began at the Tensing Pen, where we were met at the gate by a security guard who stared at us like we stole her lunch money back in high school. After authoritatively mumbling into a walkie-talkie, she granted us access with a stern finger wag in the general direction of the bar. Nonetheless, the resort was cozy, kind of like the Lost Boy’s huts in Peter Pan, connected to one another by rope bridges and shaded winding cobblestone paths. We originally planned to go to there to jump from one of these wooden bridges suspended over the sea, so Pam could wave her proverbial finger to the process of aging, but we were told by the security guard that we weren’t allowed to enjoy any of the amenities. After quickly slugging our round of Red Stripes, we were on to the next one.

Lucky for us, the next stop was much more accommodating. No finger-wagging security guard, no restrictions, only a large modern lobby to welcome us like something out of Forbes magazine. We normally wouldn’t expect genuine hospitality from a place as lavish as the Cliffs Resort, but two men changed it all. Trevor, who went by Johnie Walker, and Omighty, shortened to Omight, rolled out the Jamaican equivalent of red carpets. These two healthy, young, vibrant Jamaican men made drinks while they sang to their favorite tunes like they were bartenders out of the movie Cocktail, giving us free shots and asking us if we wanted to snorkel on The Cliff’s private coral reef. Nothing like any of the other resorts we visited, we felt the camaraderie that’s typically found in Irish pubs in New York City, like you can have any conversation with the person next to you (for better or worse), all while gazing out at a pink Caribbean sunset.

Our final stop on our invasion of all-inclusive resorts was a place called Xtabi. The dining patio was sprawling with empty candlelit tables and vacant chairs, making the space seem sad with lost opportunities of romance. A small cat meandered between the legs of our chairs, quietly mewing and purring with the hopes of a free meal. Pam and Rick ordered their favorite dish, lobster thermidore, which I consider a cheap (albeit expensive) favorite, because anything would be delicious smothered in butter, garlic, and cheese. Steve ordered the shrimp scampi which strangely came with rice and it made me wonder how available pasta is on the Caribbean islands. I ordered fried chicken because my ambition at trying local cuisine hit the roadblock of Americanized resort food. The best part of the meal was walking beneath the resort in the caves, listening to the waves slam against the tunneled walls, echoing their strength into our ears. I felt like I was in a scene from the Goonies.

The first couple days in our AirBnB we were a little hesitant to walk the streets as motorcyclists tore by the vendors and local restaurants with reckless pride. We wanted to engage with the real Jamaican culture, but were not sure of a proper access point for two under-informed tourists. Yet like those hummingbirds in Barney’s garden, Heather and I hovered from place to place, learning to stop and trust the people inside those brightly colored shacks one at a time. We made friends at resorts, Johnie Walker and Omight, and local spots, Theresa and Christine, learning that there are friends all around us if only we are open enough to look. Upon our initial arrival, we stayed behind the high gated walls of Sun Down Villa, but in the end, we saw that the sunrise and sunset, in all of their naturally beautiful glory, were just as welcoming as the pairs of eyes that greeted us behind all of those brightly colored doors.


Jamaica Honeymoon - Day 5

Apollo Fields Photojournalism | Wedding Writer | Destination Wedding Photographer | Jamaica Honeymoon | Farm Wedding Photographer

Jamaica Honeymoon – Day 5 ~9:40 am, local time

Day five of the honeymoon felt like the first step back towards the Montego Bay airport and our beloved animals that wait for us back in New Jersey. As the trip comes to a close, I sink just a little deeper into my lounge chair, holding onto the sunshine and the view of the sea for just a little longer. Six days is a healthy length for a trip where lounging is the default, any longer and you might get a little too used to it.

We’ve taken a dip off the cliffs every morning we’ve been here, partly because it’s available, but mostly because it takes the edge off the heat. You kind of form this relationship with the water in tropical climates, using it as a sort of reset button for your body to reach a more comfortable operating temperature for the next few hours. The residual salt in your hair clings to your follicles like a natural hair product, maintaining its shape while the wind blows through it bringing salt crystals back to the sea from whence it came.

One of our hosts, Tom, recommended a local lobster joint, Sips n Dips, for the freshest catch in town for lunch. We strolled up around opening time and were greeted by an elderly man who’d informed us it’d be about 40 minutes. He spoke with the familiar island intonation, carrying a nonchalance as relaxed as the wind and waves. In Jamaica, you either embrace the speed or hurriedly wait, because the beach doesn’t differentiate between footprints in the sand. Heather and I welcomed the idle time, knowing the service industry well and the importance of proper food preparation. When our cook/server came by with our tray of fresh lobster, we started by prying the tails out with our forks, eventually resorting to our fingertips to finish the job. At one point I looked down at my hands and wondered how people keep this operation clean in white tablecloth restaurants and thought that beneath the shade of a tree is the better place to be.

Climbing back onto the Vespa and pulling out onto the main road, we coincidentally caught Pam, Rick, and Steve cruising by. We decided to take a ride up the coast a bit to see some more of the island but it didn’t last long as every hundred feet past the last Americanized resort the road turned into a minefield of potholes. Driving a Vespa with Heather on the back was like having a computer update you with every potential danger in the area: “You’re going too fast, but don’t hit that pothole, wait, watch out for that sand patch!” All the while the wind moves past us keeping us cool and comfortable.

We stopped at Rick’s Café on the way back, the tourist trap of tourist traps in Negril. Large, fake stone patios, a big stage, one of those rectangular picture frames that you can stand in and more overweight white people than a Red Lobster in Texas. Institutions like these undermine the culture in which they operate when people travel hundreds of miles to have a chicken club on the cliffs of Negril.

Of course it’s a choice and risking your hunger on unfamiliar cuisine creates a risk for a rumbling stomach, but I can’t help but think when I visit these places that this is what’s wrong with our culture. Heather and I have already made the mistake twice: once in the Dominican Republic shooting a wedding and the other time in Cancun, where you experience such an Americanized version of a country that it’s offensive to even say that you visited it. I guess places like Rick’s are inevitable in highly trafficked vacation spots, but it does both of our cultures a disservice with their sheer existence.

Everyday of my life I want to make a connection. Whether its person-to-person or person-to-culture, connections are bridges of understanding that can conquer ignorance one experience at a time. A relationship with the water and the wind will sweep us into a more united future much quicker than any resort or tourist trap ever could.


Erica & Matthew's Wedgewood Wedding at Boulder Creek

Erica & Matthew's Wedgewood Wedding at Boulder Creek | September Weddings | Colorado Wedding Photography | Apollo Fields Wedding Photographers

Erica and Matt are a fun loving couple who love to have a good celebration! I first met Erica downtown Denver for coffee and to chat about wedding planning and photography. I loved her energy and I could tell that she was super organized about wedding planning and really excited to incorporate her kiddos in the day. We immediately clicked and I was so excited to work with this fun couple!

I was excited to shoot their engagement session at Standley Lake in Arvada because they wanted to really reflect their lifestyles. It was important to have the kids a part of the session and we had a blast with them and bringing in their dirt bikes since they are avid dirt bikers! We had such a blast at the engagement session that I knew the wedding would be no different.

The day started with the guys and gals in separate locations. I had my second shooter head over to Matt and his groomsmen while I met Erica and her bridesmaids at their hotel in Boulder. Everyone was busy getting ready and it was a really fun start to the day. Then we went over to Chautauqua in Boulder for their first look. It was a busy day on the trails (weekends tend to me, just a heads up) so it took a bit of careful planning to choreograph their first look without a bunch of photo-bombers! This is where having a second shooter can be SUPER helpful because Sarah was able to monitor the traffic like a champ while I snapped away.

We were able to squeeze in some epic shots at Chautauqua before the rain came hard, so we all hustled back to our cars — and their awesome Corvette — to head over to the venue. Wedgewood Boulder Creek is tucked away into the mountains in a beautiful location right on the river. We were lucky because the weather lifted as soon as we got there (typical CO) and we were able to continue on with the ceremony outside. Everything was beautiful and we were so happy to be able to capture such awesome memories for this great couple!

Boulder Wedding Photographer: Heather Huie with Apollo Fields

Colorado Wedding Venue: Wedgewood Boulder Creek

Surya & Meena's Chief Hosa Lodge Wedding in Golden, CO

Surya & Meena’s Wedding | Chief Hosa Lodge Wedding Venue | Genesee, Colorado Weddings | Indian Weddings| Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is getting to immerse myself in in different cultures, traditions, languages, and religions. I loved being able to capture Surya and Meena’s Indian Wedding at Chief Hosa Lodge because they did such a beautiful job of incorporating their values with their personalities.

It was a hot summer day on the top of the mountains in Colorado. This is pretty typical, especially for a brunch wedding, to have the sun just blaring down. Yes, it’s a ‘dry heat’ and having lived in both climates, I can attest that a dry heat is much, much more bearable. But at a certain point, hot is hot. This day was hot. The metal rings on my camera lenses felt like they were on fire! But I barely even noticed once the ceremony began, even when we had the fire going in the middle of the mandap. The energy was so strong that everyone became very focused on the rituals of the Indian ceremony.

Chief Hosa Lodge is a great location for weddings, too. It’s tucked away off of I-70 so you feel remote even though there is easy access to the city and easy-to-navigate roads. It’s also easy to get to from DIA without having to go too far into the mountains to still have an authentic, Colorado mountain wedding! The space is rustic and has an open cabin concept, but one of the big plusses is the access to their working kitchen. The food was DIY at Surya and Meena’s wedding so it was really easy for them to load in-and-out, prep, and serve! I was also enthusiastic to eat all of the authentic cuisine, especially because I knew that there would be tons of great vegetarian options!

I love all of the symbolism and meaning behind Hindu ceremonies. I think there is such a strength and beauty in the way that the union is officiated and how the families are honored. I’ve had the privilege of photographing a few Indian weddings and I love that every time I do, I learn something new. I was recently talking to a friend about this element of shooting weddings. She has a more conventional office job and hasn’t had the same exposure to different cultures through her work which made me really grateful to have the career that I do!

Colorado Wedding Photographer: Heather Huie for Apollo Fields

Golden CO Wedding Venue: Chief Hosa Lodge

John and Yahaira's Wedding at the Vail Chapel and Silverthorne Pavilion

John & Yahaira’s Wedding | Vail Chapel, Vail CO | Silverthorne Pavilion, Silverthorne Colorado | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Mountain weddings are always epic and John and Yahaira’s beautiful Rocky Mountain wedding was no exception! There’s just something magical about the energy that the mountains bring, or maybe it’s just the altitude ;)

The day started calm, with the guys and girls getting ready in their AirBnb’s with their friends and family. Then everyone made their way over to the Vail Interfaith Chapel which is an adorable and iconic little church in the heart of Vail Village. I love this little ski town and have shots tons of weddings here so it’s a great excuse for a non-skier to hang in such a rad area. The village has tons of little shops, coffee spots, tasty food, and of course good beer! The chapel is a quaint little white church that sits right in the heart of town which makes it super easy to do pictures in the village itself.

The ceremony was sweet and sentimental, and afterwards we decided to do some romantics down by the river. The weather was starting to look like it was going to rain, so we were moving pretty quickly and then suddenly the skies broke and it began to downpour. Colorado weather can be erratic and unforgiving at times, so I wasn’t surprised at all about how it could be totally sunny and cloudless one minute and pouring the next. We sought shelter under the covered bridge which was a pretty cute photo-op. We’re all about making lemonade here!

Afterwards, we ran into our cars and made our way to the Silverthorne Pavilon which is a great wedding venue in Silverthorne, CO. It sits along the river there and has a great outdoor spot for cocktail hour. Everyone was enjoying the sun which came out shortly after the crazy rain (go figure) and having a few drinks along the patio. Then the reception began with grand entrances, speeches, special dances, and of course tons of dancing!

I loved working with this sweet couple because they had such a gentle and fun way of interacting. They loved being outdoors so I was so happy that they chose to celebrate their wedding in such a beautiful place!

Colorado Wedding Photography: Apollo Fields

Ceremony Venue: The Vail Interfaith Chapel, Vail CO

Reception Venue: Silverthorn Pavilion, Silverthorne CO

Kerry & Patrick's Skylight Denver Wedding in the Santa Fe Art District, Colorado

Kerry & Patrick’s Wedding | Skylight Denver Wedding Venue | Santa Fe Art District, CO | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Kerry and Pat had a great urban wedding at one of downtown Denver’s newest wedding venues. Skylight had just opened up and this fun couple managed to book their wedding early to be one of the first real weddings happening in this cool, urban space! Skylight has great white brick walls with tons of natural light and makes a great canvas for creativity.

I was so excited when they wanted to do a first look because it affords us so much time and flexibility for the rest of the day! The photos are also so sweet and intimate so it’s basically a win-win. We found the perfect urban spot between where they were both getting ready (Kerry was prepping at Skylight and Patrick was over at the Monkey Bar with his buddies). It was fun because I was co-shooting this wedding with Lindsey and we were able to toggle a bit and really coordinate everything in the afternoon.

We had also found the PERFECT alleyway with these awesome edison lights and were so excited to surprise them with this epic location! We stumbled upon it when we were scouting and decided to keep it on the DL since we weren’t sure we could get back in. We were so excited when we were able to show off this awesome spot and get great pics before everything got started.

I loved all of their fun custom signage and personal touches that they had incorporated into the venue. One of my other favorite parts of the day was when they were able to get their pup to walk down the aisle with them and hang out for the ceremony! I knew how much they loved their dog (who doesn’t) from their lifestyle engagement session that we had done a few months prior so it was great to see their doggo a part of the day, too!

They had their ceremony against the white walls with a beautiful custom floral piece that they had made and installed. It had a great boho vibe and the venue was able to seamlessly flip the room for cocktail hour and then move right into the reception afterwards. They had a fun taco bar for dinner which felt really easy and a huge crowd pleaser and then moved into special dances and an awesome party! We were so excited to work with this sweet and vibrant couple!

Kerry & Patrick's Urban Wedding | Skylight Wedding Venue | Denver, Colorado Photographer | Santa Fe Art District Photography

Kerry and Patrick were one of the first couples to officially get married in one of Denver's newest downtown venues, Skylight.  This venue is tucked into the bustling part of the Santa Fe Art District, and is fun, hip, urban, and trendy.  Along the main strip are fun art galleries, always popping with new events and shows.  There are breweries, coffee shops, and a bunch of eclectic little stores all surrounding this busy venue. 

Skylight boasts white brick and an urban design, tailor made to modern couples.  They are able to bring in all of their own vendors, free of exclusive vendor lists, and have a lot of free rein in their planning process.  We started the day with Kerry getting ready at the venue and Patrick getting ready at a local bar down the street with all of his groomsmen.  The vibe was fun and upbeat, and both of their personalities made it easy to just snap away, capturing details as the room was being set, and finding fun and candid moments to shoot in between. 

We did an official first look at a fun graffiti wall up against an old southwestern looking chapel.  The bright and artistic vibe fit their personalities so well.  They enjoyed a private and intimate first look, and then we brought them down into our secret find that we were so excited for:  a quiet and skinny little alleyway that had these awesome market lights strung across the top!  A photographer's dream.  

Their ceremony was heartfelt and full of love and tradition.  Their sweet dog walked down the aisle and joined them at the altar.  They passed around the rings and had their guests and family members charge them with their well-wishes and positive energy.  It was the perfect blend of combining their own type of ceremony while honoring their family's religious roots.  Their officiant was fun, vibrant, and so full of positive vibes that it was impossible to not feel the love in the room. 

Patrick and Kerry had a fun and heartfelt reception, with sweet speeches by family members and the wedding party.  They enjoyed a sentimental first dance, and then finished the night strong with dancing, laughter, and lots of hugs!

Denver Wedding Photography: Heather Huie with Apollo Fields and Lindsey Bartell with Eden Photography

Colorado Wedding Venue: SKYLIGHT, Denver CO

Shannon & Frank's Evergreen Lake House Wedding in Evergreen, CO

Shannon & Frank’s Wedding | Evergreen Lake House | Colorado Wedding Venue | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Shannon and Frank are a great upbeat Colorado couple and it was such a joy to work with them! I love working with Angie so I was stoked to be on board for this great mountain town wedding. I have shot a few weddings at the Evergreen Lake House and I really love this location! It is tucked into the rockies at the gorgeous Evergreen Lake. The venue is this big, magnificent log cabin style mountain building with huge windows and great 360 degree views.

Shannon and Frank had a great first look out on the meadow and the sun was shining so perfectly. I love the way that the light moves around this venue and this was the perfect Colorado day. They decided to have their ceremony out on the dock on the water (which is amazing) and they had a great, upbeat vibe to the whole day. I loved shooting Shannon’s EPIC dress, too! Oh my gosh, the way the ruffles moved was to die for and I just couldn’t get enough of this boho gown.

They had a beautiful reception in the great room full of heartfelt toasts, speeches, and special dances. One of my other favorite details of the day was their dope naked wedding cake which was not only the stuff of dreams but also tasted AMAZING! I mean, I hate to see cake wasted so I’m always down to take a leftover slice at the end of the night ;) Haha! But this fun couple was such a dream to work with and we wish them nothing but the best!!

Destination Wedding Photography: Apollo Fields shot for Angie Guenther

Colorado Wedding Venue: Evergreen Lake House, Evergreen CO

Chandelle and Fabrice's Rocky Mountain Wedding


Chandelle and Fabrice are a sweet couple who love the outdoors.  

At first glance, they seem to be polar opposites, as Chandelle is outgoing and Fabrice is more soft spoken. But together, they mesh perfectly, finishing each others sentences and thoughts.  

Who Popped The Question?

Fabrice planned to take Chandelle to her favorite location and pop the question. She had noticed the ring box in his pocket and figured out what he was up to. When they arrived, there were a ton of people around so Fabrice decided to wait. Chandelle, on the other hand, was wondering if he was having second thoughts since he didn’t ask. But instead, he took her out to South Point Park in Miamia for a picnic and found a beautiful spot that overlooked the ocean at sunset. It was perfect!

About The Wedding:

Chandelle and Fabrice had an intimate ceremony at the Estes Park Resort with friends and family. They had a purple, white and gold color palette that complimented the rocky mountains perfectly!

What The Future Holds:

Chandelle and Fabrice plan to buy a cozy mountain home near Estes Park and open up a business that caters to people visiting Rocky Mountain National Park!

Chandelle and Fabrice's Rocky Mountain Wedding

Chandell eand Fabrice’s Vendor Team:

Ceremony Location: Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado Wedding Venue: Estes Park Resort

Rocky Mountain Wedding Photographer:  Apollo Fields

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