Vessi & Grant's Archetype Distillery Wedding in Denver, CO

Vessi & Grant's Archetype Distillery Wedding in Denver, CO | Union Station Photography | Bulgarian Weddings | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Vessi and Grant are a fun and upbeat couple who live in the heart of Denver. They had an awesome wedding reception at Archetype Distillery on South Broadway to keep the celebrations rolling after they had an intimate ceremony in Bulgaria. Since many of the people who they wanted to celebrate with wouldn’t be able to make the international trip, they decided instead of sacrificing a lot of the guests who are important to them, why not have two celebrations!?

I loved this philosophy because sometimes wedding planning can seem like having to make a lot of one-or-the-other choices, but sometimes if we think outside the box a little, there doesn't have to be a big sacrifice. Vessi and Grant got to have the best of both worlds by choosing to have two celebrations, one in Bulgaria (where Vessi is from) and one in the states (where they live now). They were still able to incorporate some traditions at their celebration at Archetype Distillery which was a fun way to merge their heritages instead of having it be one way or the other.

I met up with this fun couple at a hotel downtown near Union Station, where they got a great room with an awesome city view. We were all laughing because they actually live nearby, but wanted to treat themselves a bit for this occasion! It had a great staycation vibe and I think it really helped them set the tone for everything. They have an adorable pup who we wanted to have in some pics, so we were able to take him for a walk around the hotel and near Union Station to do some fun, urban pics of them. This couple is so outgoing and photogenic so we immediately clicked!

After the sun set and we had tons of great city shots, we headed over to Archetype Distillery where the reception was. They had these amazing white chairs that anchored the decor in the room. The distillery has a fun, urban vibe with overhead views of their tanks and operations. The space is great for entertaining, with a vibrant bar that everyone quickly found for cocktail hour. The whole evening was bustling with guests greeting Vessi and Grant and lots of cheering and toasts. The night ended with lots and lots of dancing and even some traditional Bulgarian dances which was fun to be in the center of! I love being right in the heart of their horo, which was very energetic and almost dizzying to be in the middle of. It’s great to see how different cultures celebrate this great milestones and I loved being a part of Vessi and Grant’s awesome day!

Photography: Heather Huie for Apollo Fields

Venue: Archetype Distillery, Denver CO

Denver Wedding Planning: Aimee with Prisma Events