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Jenny & Tara's Epic Mountain Engagement Session at Pikes Peak

Jenny & Tara's Epic Mountain Engagement Session | Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs | Denver Engagement Photographer | LGBQ Weddings 

I was so excited when I first heard from Jenny.  She is friends with Lindsey, one of my beautiful brides from 2017 and happened to be looking for a wedding photographer when I delivered Lindsey's photos.  She loved them and immediately reached out to have me photographer her own wedding!  So much of my business is word-of-mouth and I am so grateful for my awesome couples who refer me and connect me to their other awesome-couple-friends.  

I met up with Jenny and Tara and immediately clicked with their fun personalities, and the sweet way in which they interact with each other.  They have a great energy, and I knew right away that I wanted to be their photographer.  They must have felt the same way, because I asked them at our meeting, "Do you ladies have any questions?" and they seamlessly responded with, "How do we book you now?"  Love it!

They initially weren't looking for an engagement session, but I'm so glad that they decided to do one because look at how epic these mountain backdrops were!  A photographer's dream.  I had never been to Pikes Peak before, so I was just in awe of the landscape the whole time.  We caught golden hour (my favorite!) just in time before the park closed.  Literally, they were closing the whole roadway up for sunset and we were being swiftly shuffled out of the park by the time we had captured every last golden ray that we could!  

They also brought their three children and new puppy along for the shoot.  I have quite a few couples that have children and while it might not seem obvious at first to have them present for engagement photos, I feel contrary to that old-fashioned traditional expectation of what it means to be an engaged couple.  Marriage is about partnership and family, and if kids are already part of that equation, I feel like they should be included in some of the pictures.  Oh, and if you have a cute puppy too... that doesn't take any convincing!  We are animal lovers to the core, and have an impossible time keeping our composure around tiny pups.  

Colorado Adventure Photographer:  Erny Photo CO | Apollo Photo

Location:  Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs 

Christine and Dan's Three Sisters Alderfer Engagement in Evergreen, CO

Christine & Dan’s Engagement Photos | Alderfer / Three Sisters Park, Evergreen CO | Hiking Engagement Photos | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Christine and Dan are a fun and adventurous East Coast couple who moved out to Colorado shortly after we did. I love hanging with fellow transplants and showing them around some of our favorite hikes and breweries. Christine is a dietician who I met via one of my other RD friends in NYC so it was fun to have a few common interests to click right away over.

They wanted to do something that felt very “Colorado” and had some great mountain views. Three Sisters is one of my favorite hikes for this purpose because it’s not super strenuous, it’s close to Denver, and it boasts 360 degree views at the top. There’s a small scramble to the summit but I even dragged my 66 year old dad up there (and he made it back down) so it’s a pretty doable climb for engagements.

You really do feel like you’re on the top of the world when you get up there and I find the vast openness of being above the trees, above all of the houses, and out of reach of all of the chaos and buzz of ordinary life to bring a lot of peace. It’s one of my favorite hikes to do if you just need some alone time on the top of the world without having to commit to a whole 14er or something too physically demanding.

One of my favorite spots on the trail is a little aspen patch that gets great light, too. It feels a bit like a birch grove and is sort of a magical little part of the forest. The aspens are such a staple of Colorado and I love how they photograph in all seasons of the year.

I loved getting to work with this fun and easygoing couple and it’s been fun to cross paths with them since the session in Denver. When our friend Nicole and her daughter came out to visit, we were all able to hook up downtown at Denver Beer CO which was a fun reunion, too. I love when the couples that I photograph turn into friends and hang-out buddies and I really do think it is one of the best parts of the job!

Colorado Engagement Photography: Heather Huie for Apollo Fields

Location: Alderfer / Three Sisters, Evergreen CO