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Micaela & Shane's Harry Potter Themed Wedding at The Highlands Ranch Mansion, Colorado

Micaela & Shane’s Wedding | Harry Potter Themed Weddings | Highlands Ranch Mansion | Highlands Ranch Colorado | Apollo Fields Wedding Photographers

I wish I could rate my couples online because these guys would be 5 stars across the board! First of all, they were a photographer’s dream - super easy to work with, very kind, easy going, and also GORGEOUS (the icing on the cake right). But most of all, they were a super down-to-earth easy going couple that just loved each other.

I’ve shot a few weddings at the Highlands Ranch Mansion so I have a few spots that are my go-to’s for that amazing golden light. I vividly remember getting ants in my pants during the ceremony because we were close to losing the golden light (they had a late summer ceremony so the light was absolutely DREAMY during the ceremony and we were going to lose it fast). Their officiant announced them as husband and wife, they kissed, celebrated down the aisle, and I immediately scooped them away for a few natural light romantics.

Micaela and Shane were such good sports about it, too. I knew that if I didn’t steal them for * five minutes * that we would lose that epic light and guests would want to storm them so it would be impossible afterwards. I always joke that golden hour is my catnip, but for a synesthetic photographer, it really makes my skin tingle and I just get totally high on it. These guys rolled with all of that energy and gave me the best five minutes that I could have ever asked for. I loved these shots because I felt like we just punched so much love and emotion into – literally – the last few moments of light and the photos are so indicative of that.

After the ceremony and epic romantics, I was able to take the back seat a little and snag relaxed family shots, cocktail hour, and intros. Micaela and Shane did a great job balancing a ‘themed’ wedding without feeling like a college party (haha). They are both huge Harry Potter fans and did such a tasteful job of showing this off and having fun with something that has shaped their relationship. Their friends and family were so much fun and I really loved working with this awesome couple!

Photography: Apollo Fields | Wedding Photographer

Wedding Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion | Colorado

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Allison & Michael's Wedding at the Highlands Ranch Mansion in CO

Allison & Michael's Wedding | Highlands Ranch Mansion | Colorado Mountain Weddings | Denver Photographer

Alli & Mike didn't miss a beat with their beautiful Highlands Ranch Mansion wedding.  Everything was gorgeously planned and executed, and the day was spent amongst friends and family.  They had a first touch where they prayed, back-to-back and hand-in-hand, with the sweetest whispers of their love for each other.  The ceremony was just as beautiful.  Alli and Mike exchanged their handwritten vows in front of the people who mean the most to them.  They made promises to each other, and held hands while tears fell silently.  

Their reception was so much fun.  You could feel the love from all of their guests and family members, as heartfelt speeches filled the space, and they lovingly cut the cake with a little smash to top of the fun.  They danced and partied, and when the sun begin to set into the mountains, I snagged them for the most epic golden hour light.  The way the beams of light fell through the tree leaves was magical, and Allison and Michael enjoyed their own private dance out behind the mansion while the light began to fade.  

This fun couple met in the Air Force and are devoted to their service work.  They lived in Colorado Springs while finishing their degrees from the Air Force Academy.  I don't know how she pulled it off, but Alli actually graduated just a few days before their wedding!  Impressive, to say the least.  They honeymooned at Disney Land and then made their way off to Hawaii to soak up the beach and sunshine.  Seeing their pictures in Hawaii made me so jealous and now I'm dying to visit myself!  What a dream... 

Allison's big, bubbly personality shined throughout the day.  She just beamed with joy amongst her bridesmaids.  You could tell that their bond is tight, the whole group was smiling and laughing the whole day.  Michael is more stoic, but it was easy to see how is quieter bond with his groomsmen was just as genuine.  Their family members showered them with well-wishes, and the love was palpable.  They had the most fun dancing, mingling, and making silly faces in the Photo Booth.  An epic day to say the least!  

Venue:  Highlands Ranch Mansion | Highlands Ranch Colorado

Event Planning:  Jennifer Wetterlin | Denver Event Pros

Videography:  Lavender Haze Wedding Films