Michelle & Sarah's New England Wedding at The Riverview

Michelle & Sarah’s Wedding at The Riverview | Simsbury, CT | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography | New England Weddings | LBGTQ Wedding | Love Is Love


Est. 2018


Droplets of rain fell upon Farmington River

Creating a myriad pattern of circles

That extended towards the riverbanks.

The tall trees that lined the shores

Leaned away from The Riverview in Simsbury, Connecticut, 

Almost seeming to listen to the trickle of water

With their long, looming branches. 


Michelle & Sarah

Frolicked beneath those eavesdropping leaves

Sinking their shoes into the soft ground

Two synchronized steps at a time. 

No amount of rain could mute the soundtrack of their love.


They each promised to listen, 

Holding close to every word

Whether loud as a shout of faint as a whisper

They Knew

That love is a practice:

A discipline of communication

That embraces the ridiculousness

Tucked into the corners of their smirking lips.

They Knew 

That love is as silent as a lip sync

& As deafening as a ballad at Cadillac Ranch.


Echoes of Jim Halpert emanated from Michelle’s room

While the twang of Ke$ha’s voice blared from Sarah’s.

Different approaches to a shared day

Showed the balance of a partnership as

Gay & Proud

As a rainbow cake both inside and out.

Jordans sparkled from beneath Sarah’s white dress

As she dipped Michelle just like they practiced.

Only this time was for real,

Only this time was forever.


Family is never perfect

Rarely is love,

But They Knew

They can always groove to the soundtrack 

Playing between their ears.

They symphony of their hearts can never be silenced,

For they dance upon the notes of a song

Like raindrops upon a river during a gentle rain. 

I met Michelle years and years ago at The Ethel Walker School and always loved her playful and witty personality. She was super outgoing, loved to joke around and would do just about anything to get a laugh out of someone. Sarah is the perfect compliment to her, she is equally as witty and just as sentimental, but she has a type of focus to her personality that seems to really work for their relationship.

Sarah loves to work a crowd and does DJ work herself, so she can absolutely command a microphone and loves to keep the party alive. It’s so much fun to watch a bride be so dynamic and full of life at her own wedding! Their wedding was a perfect mix of sentimentality and warmth, coupled with downright fun and silliness! Our favorite vibes. We also recognized a bunch of faces in the crowd, so it made the day just a little more special for us. It was fun to be back in Simsbury, CT where I spent four years while attending boarding school. It’s a quaint, very New-Englandy, little Connecticut town and The Riverview is nestled right down on the Farmington with a beautiful backdrop of lush woods and of course, the river.

Photography and Poetry: Apollo Fields

Venue: The Riverview | Simsbury, CT