Helen's Surprise 90th Birthday Party

Helen’s Surprise 90th Birthday Party | Princeton, NJ | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Some of my favorite family photos are the ones that we have from my own Nana’s Surprise 90th birthday party so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to work with this sweet family to capture their own grandmother’s 90th! These events are so special and meaningful for everyone involved and I really believe that 90 is an amazing milestone to celebrate.

Helen and her husband moved to Princeton many, many years ago and have spent most of their married lives there. They have a big family filled with kids, grandkids, and even one great grandson! Helen thought her family was going to do a small and intimate party to ring in her 90th, but they had other plans. Jen is one of her twelve grandchildren who reached out to me to do the photos and it was so fun working with this sweet family to capture this special party.

There was such a light to Helen that I felt the moment she walked through the doors. Everyone was clapping and singing “Happy Birthday” and she just threw her hands up in the air. One of my favorite things about her was the way that she would talk to everybody, by taking their hands into her hands and holding them up close while looking them right in the eyes. It was so caring and really says something about the way that generation connects with their friends and family. She even did that with me as she just kept exclaiming, “This is so much fun! Are you having fun?” As if she was hosting the party instead of being the honoree!

Jen had put together a sentimental video that they played on the projector of all of Helen’s family members sharing their favorite stories and antidotes about her. It was great watching her eyes lighting up while she watched the special montage and I loved seeing the story of their family in the compilation. It really goes to show how one person can have such an impact on so many people and the positive effects that a sunny disposition can have.

I wish this family so much happiness and continued celebrations, it was such a pleasure to work with them & I fully expect to be shooting Helen’s 100th in ten years :)

Event Photography: Heather Huie for Apollo Fields

Venue: Salt Creek Grille, Princeton NJ