Frances & Bryce's Engagement Photos in Arvada, Colorado

Frances & Bryce’s Engagement Session | Wheat Ridge, Colorado | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

    The current of Clear Creek typically slows in the final weeks of summer, where the chilly melted remnants of winter finally give way to the warmth of the relentless sun. But this year—the water level that usually sinks to reveal the high water marks of the season— where the different layers of soil look like little horizons in the riverbanks—was still flowing strong in mid-August. As Bryce and Frances laughed and danced creekside during their outdoor engagement session, I couldn’t help but think of the parallels of their relationship and Heather and I’s, and the Colorado current that brought us all together.

    The first time I met Bryce was at his family cabin in the mountains in Eldora, where Heather was doing a quick photo session for Frances’ family. I remember his firm handshake and the way he maintained eye contact when he spoke to me, like the way humans used to interact before texting became our primary mode of communication. Somewhere between a paternal, uncle, and a brother’s relationship, I knew from the beginning that Bryce and I would see eye-to-eye—and this was before I knew how similar Frances and Heather are.


    To give you an idea about Frances, during this family session in Eldora, she wanted to get some badass shots of her in a leather jacket riding her motorcycle down a dirt road. We did. It was badass. Frances—like Heather—has a way about smiling through you while she controls a situation; like, “ohhh, you thought it was going to go that way?, haha, it isn’t.” It’s the part of their characters that Bryce and I respectively butt heads with but ironically is most likely the same reason we chose them as partners. They’re strong—like really strong. Heather’s the kind of girl that can sit alone at a rowdy bar and take care of herself; and I haven’t seen Frances sit alone at a bar but I can imagine she’d be juuust fine, too. But more than their drive or their individuality, they are both beautiful women who can recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and address them rationally and logically.

    When we all got dinner together at the Arvada Tavern (one of our fave local spots for cocktails) after the engagement session—just like every other time we get together—the parallels of our relationships immediately flow into conversation. In the presence of another couple “who gets it,” we all kind of take turns playfully ripping on our significant other, using the forum as a soundboard and opportunity for catharsis (or I do at least :)). It might get a little dicey at times when someone pushes it too far, but that’s what’s great about our dynamic—one or two of us will be able to pull it back to center.  Spending time or having drinks with Frances and Bryce means learning about their relationship as we explore our own. 


Somewhere between mentors and friends we are able to speak candidly and personally, professionally and with a business mindset. Through our friendship we add to our souls just as much as we add to our business. No one is ever afraid to speak their mind and we are all stronger for it. We’re so grateful to swim in the came current as you two. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are, Frances and Bryce.

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