Frances & Bryce's City Park Engagement Session in Denver, Colorado

Frances & Bryce's Engagement Session | City Park Urban Photography | Denver, Colorado | Apollo Fields Wedding Photographers | Doberman Pinscher

This engagement session is a little extra special for me (not to play favorites but Frances is a total favorite). I love shooting fellow photographers because they * get it * but we can also always laugh about what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera. Frances is a super, super talented wedding photographer and one of the few industry gals that I regularly second shoot for. She’s the owner of Frances Photography and to put it bluntly, is a total badass. She’s been in the industry way longer than I have, and has a reputation for being an awesome boss babe who doesn’t take shit from anyone. She has an immaculate eye for detail and is also business savvy while being a total blast to shoot with. We are two peas in a pod which is almost surprising considering that she is basically my older-sister-twinsy-photographer-stunt-double.

Anyway, these guys got engaged shortly after we did, so it’s been super fun shooting weddings with Frances while simultaneously chatting about planning our own weddings. Right off the bat, we knew we’d want to do a fun session in City Park since she and Bryce had recently bought a house in uptown Denver. When I first met these guys, they were living in Arvada near Standley Lake, so we’d frequently bump into each other in Olde Towne hanging at the same digs (spoiler alert, we love all of the same restaurants and bars too). But then they eventually found this edgy house in the city of Denver and the kicker was this epic artists studio that Frances had bigs plans to turn into her full time boudoir studio. Her house in Denver was set up for her amazing boudoir business, but the only downside was flipping it for shoots. This new space meant that she could ROCK sessions with tons of natural diffused light and tall ceilings, while having a designated space for all of her gear and editing. It was a no-brainer.

The only downside was stricter leash laws and smaller open-spaces for their Doberman, Bodhi. Oh yeah, did I mention that they are also Dobie people!? Our similarities are a little freaky at times, and Terrence and Bryce love to jokingly commiserate about what it is like living and loving this personality type ;) We had a great time shooting in City Park and then wrapped up the night absolutely indulging in Sushi Den because the four of us do a great job at eating out like champs!! I’m very excited for their wedding in Denver later this year and just love this awesome couple.

Photography: Heather Huie for Apollo Fields | Weddings

Location: City Park | Denver, Colorado