Callie & Josh's Intimate Mountain Wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park

Callie & Josh's Intimate Mountain Wedding | Rocky Mountain National Park | Estes Park, Colorado | Adventure Wedding Photography | Apollo Photojournalism 

Heather and I’s first hike together was near Lake George in upstate New York. It was short, but I remember scrambling up the last couple hundred feet, thinking that the summit was just over the next ridge quickly exhausting myself in the process.  When we finally reached the top, I scanned the seemingly endless rolling green hills, panning across the horizon like my eyes were breathing in the refreshing mountain air.

There’s something special about reaching high altitudes after traversing treacherous terrain that rewards tired legs and beating hearts.  It could be as simple as endorphins being released from the exercise or something more complex like measuring our mortality against the backdrop of conquering massive mountains.  Either way, climbing mountains and taking in epic views defines the meaning of awesome.

We love documenting mountain weddings because they’re so organic and personal.  When we immerse ourselves in towering pines and humbling rock faces, we stand in nature to celebrate love as members of our natural environment rather than separate from it.  We say scrap the white tablecloths, vinyl tents, and stuffy reception halls and step into the woods and feel the rain. There’s a time to be clean and then there’s a time to feel something, celebrate, and cut loose – we believe your wedding day should be the latter. 

            Living in Arvada, Colorado, is like living in front of the armoire of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, because at a moments notice we can open up the doors and wander through a world of meandering roads, trickling creeks, and splashing waterfalls.  Adventures are never in short supply when the beautiful unknown is less than an hour drive away.  This proximity to the Rockies makes mountain weddings accessible realities rather than fleeting dreams.  

Let us document your dream mountain wedding, but first... why do you want to get married on a mountain?              

Some of our favorite mountain spots in Colorado:  


Some of our favorite mountain spots outside of Colorado:

We have gone on countless adventures and can help you plan your epic mountain elopement or intimate wedding!  We've done everything from taking a tiny Cessna plane up to the summit of Mt. Denali in Alaska, to exploring the waterfalls in Telluride, Colorado.  Contact us for a true adventure of a lifetime!