Lindsay's Family Session in NJ

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This session just warmed my heart. I initially met Lindsay many years ago when she managed the local coffee shop in Clinton, NJ that my best friend Grace and I used to go to all of the time. We had complicated coffee orders, would stay way too long making Gilmore Girls reenactments, all while Riddle would cause a raucous. I don’t know why she liked us, except for the fact that we tipped, but for whatever reason we totally clicked.

Lindsay wore every hat at that coffee shop and brought so much positive energy to the place. She is one of those people who could do any job in the world, but belongs with people. She has great organization and hospitality skills and I have a feeling that one day we’ll be on some sort of project together. She’s also a lover of the outdoors and shares the same passion for eating healthy and local as I do. She loves supporting artisans and has a great sense of community.

When we first met her, she hadn’t met Brian – her now husband – yet. Grace and I absolutely pried into her personal life and would constantly bug her for details on her dating world. Occasionally, she would throw us a little quip about someone she was seeing and we would all gossip together like schoolgirls. It was all in good fun, but when she met Brian, it was practically fate. They make such a great couple and I’m so stoked that they now also have an awesome son, Henry.

Henry is absolutely full of life and cannot be contained. His huge personality made photos so fun because it very quickly became all about him. Following him around as he just ran from place to place with the biggest smile, and his curiosity was beaming. We almost had to reschedule the session when the weather was super rainy, but the skies broke and let us sneak the photos in. All of the rain did leave huge puddles and I could keep seeing Henry eying them. I knew it was only a matter of time and I think my favorite part of the whole session was the very end, when we let him finally jump in the puddle! The look on his face says it all :)

Photography: Apollo Fields

Location: Hunterdon Country, NJ