Hailee & Mark's Donovan Pavilion Wedding in Vail, CO

Hailee & Mark's Donovan Pavilion Wedding in Vail, CO | Colorado Wedding Photography | Autumn Wedding Inspiration | Apollo Fields Wedding Photographers

I am such a sucker for fun and adventurous couples + autumn weddings + mountains! The Jackson’s had it all going on. I actually got to meet Hailee for the first time the morning of Julie and Marty’s wedding since her mom, Pennie, was a wedding guest and had my name passed along. We didn’t have a lot of time since it was a busy day, but we were able to sit down with some coffee and chat about their wedding plans and I knew immediately that we would be a great fit!

We had such a blast shooting Hailee and Mark’s amazing wedding at the Donovan Pavilion in Vail! It’s such an awesome venue right in the mountains with the epic gold aspens and a beautiful river running through the back. The great room has massive windows that make for awesome views everywhere. There were so many personalized touches, including Pennie’s handmade signs. We loved them so much that she actually surprised us by sending us our own sign for our wedding straight to the farm!! Such an amazing, heartfelt, and touching gift (and yes, we have it hanging in our hallway now, it’s one of our favorite gifts).

The wedding was sentimental and upbeat, and we could tell that Hailee and Mark had so much love for their friends and family. There were so many beautiful part of the wedding coupled with so much celebration, another one of our favorite parts of the day was when everyone was dancing and all of a sudden, Mark scooped up Hailee and flipped her on the dance floor. With NO warning and I totally managed to capture it on my camera— it was one of those OMG-did-that-just-happen moments!! I jokingly told them, “the next time you do that give me a heads up” and Mark’s eye got super wide and he goes, “I had no idea we were going to do that!” Too funny.

Enjoy Mark & Hailee’s photos from their beautiful Donovan Pavilion Wedding:

Colorado Wedding Photography: Heather Huie for Apollo Fields

Vail Wedding Venue: Donovan Pavilion


The Jackson’s

17 September 2018

Tiptoeing atop the round stones of Gore Creek
With a white and red bouquet in hand,
Mark and Hailee
Settled into each other’s arms.
A gentle September breeze
Swept over their feet in the creek’s cool draft,
Swirling by Donovan Pavilion and beyond down Vail pass.
Balancing upon a boulder,
They found their bodies and souls most sturdy in concert,
Finding safety amidst exploration
Embracing adventure with clasped hands.

The white lace from Hailee’s delicate dress
Ran up her arms like pristine strands of natural ivy,
Gently wrapping them in comfort and class.
A single crimson rose
Splashed a message of love upon the lapel of Mark’s tuxedo,
Appearing in Hailee’s eyes like a vibrant and silent secret.
A marriage at 8,022 feet
Set their hearts to new heights,
But this union has been six years in the making.

From Italian in Grand Junction
To Indian in the Pacific Northwest,
They can stomach almost anything.
Their “Courage to Grow”
Lasted through seminars and endless breadsticks,
Engraving memories upon time like names on the back of a watch.
Hawaii, the Bahamas, and New Zealand,
”Ducking” life upon the seats of mangled mountain bikes.

Life isn’t a “Love Song”,
It is finding a home in the unknown.
It is Courtney’s laugh
Jarred’s jokes.
It is flipping on the dance floor
Building a house like an altar.
By including your partner,
You nurture your relationship
Share a home in the unknown.