Giveaway – Who's Got Cute Grandparents?

Giveaway | Grandparents Session | Apollo Fields | New York, NY

I’m a sucker for stinking cute grandparents who are still in love. Or at least still like each other… Or at least are good at pretending. Even if they are grumpy, I think there’s something special about capturing well-seasoned marriages as well as ones that are just beginning. Let’s celebrate these relationships that have withstood the test of time!

Apollo Fields has been toying with the idea of adding on Golden Anniversary sessions where we treat the matriarchs and patriarchs of your family like a freshly engaged couple, except we want to really uncover their marriages and the stories that they have to tell. We will casually interview them about how they met, the adventures of their lives, the hard times, uncover what it is that kept them together… the secret sauce, if you will.

I bet that most people don’t really know as much about their own grandparents as they think they might. We will archive their stories in both photos and words and make a beautiful album that will stand the test of time. I really believe that these stories are worth uncovering and preserving, and the photos will be irreplaceable.

We’re in search of the perfect set of grandparents with a good story to tell to get this bad boy rolling! Do you have a set of super cute old people in your life? Enter them in our giveaway to win one free complimentary session! Rules below:

  1. Must be within one hour of NYC (or willing to pay for travel)

  2. Must be available for a session before April 15

  3. Must comment on this blog post with your nominees and a little write up about WHY these old lovebirds are worthy :)


How sweet are these lovebirds?? Enter NOW!!