Destiny & Christopher's Beaver Run Resort Wedding in Breckenridge, CO

Destiny & Chris's Autumn Mountain Wedding | Breckenridge, Colorado | Wedding Photography | Apollo Fields Photojournalism 

September in Colorado can mean 70 degrees in sunny or it can mean sideways blizzards. This day was the latter, but fortunately we were able to squeeze in first look before things got too bad. Breckenridge, CO is well equipped for snow since it is a popular ski town so luckily the roads were in great condition and the only part of the day that was interrupted was the last-minute decision to move the wedding ceremony indoors.

Luckily, we were still able to snag the epic golden aspen trees before the cold temps nipped all of their color! This is one of the other tricky variables about autumn weddings in the rockies— those gold trees are so iconic and truly breathtaking, but sometimes all it takes is one super cold day with strong winds and some snow to bite them all off of the trees. And just like that, the color is over. It’s sort of fitting for Colorado, which is such a mother-nature oriented state, and serves as a subtle reminder that out in the woods, very few things are really in our control.

Being able to roll with the punches is such a gift, and Destiny was the epitome of this! Some brides would be totally thrown by something like this coming up on their big day, but she was just so excited to be marrying Chris and celebrating with their friends and family that she just smiled the whole day. She is such a sweetheart so I loved working with her! This wedding was a long time coming, after 8 years of dating, it was easy to see how this couple is very calculated and caring, which I think will prove to be great traits in their years to come. I loved working with these guys and was so happy to capture their amazing mountain wedding!

Breckenridge Wedding Photographer:  Erny Photo CO | Apollo Photo

Venue:  Beaver Run Resort