Alex & Rae's International Wedding in New York State

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I met Alex on the Upper West Side in NYC at a restaurant.  We got to chatting at the bar and I told him that I was a photographer, and as it turned out, he was engaged to his fiancé Ragnhild and looking for a wedding photographer.  After talking a while longer, we realized that we had quite a few mutual friends from the neighborhood, and it all fell into place right after that. 

Alex is a personal trainer and a former professional basketball player.  He met Rae on the court, when her professional dancing career took her to one of his games.  Rae and her daughter, Denise, were from Norway and literally packed up their lives to live in New York City with Alex.  They have such a loving and playful relationship that made my job so easy!

Their wedding day kicked off with the guys hitting the basketball court, which was a fun alternative to traditional wedding mornings.  Terrence was out there playing with the groomsmen, and it really reminded me of how much fun we have on our wedding days!  The ceremony was officiated by a friend, who spoke of them so eloquently that it made me cry behind the camera.  Yes, I still get emotional when I shoot!  

The reception was one of my favorites to date.  Rae's bridesmaids were all on her dancing squad and had planned a secret dance special for the couple.  A room full of professional Norwegian dancers is just as much fun as it sounds.  Oh my god they were talented!  It was such a great party.  

The importance of memories:  

When you’re in a particular industry long enough, it’s easy to forget the importance of your job.  You wake up on Monday, meet deadlines, schedule future goals, work through the drudgery, finish the week, and if you’re lucky, do it all over again on the following Monday.  Wedding photojournalism is no exception.

Then, once in a while something happens, something that jars you out of your automatic work setting and you take a step back.  Sometimes it’s good news like a family member is having a baby and other times it’s something tragic like someone has passed away. Whatever the case may be your life is drastically different than what it was just a few days before.

One of the defining things about wedding photojournalism is that we capture particular moments in our client’s lives where happiness and celebration are center stage.  We have the luxury to see people at their best, laughing among their family and friends, assuming the roles they’ve carved out their who lives by sharing the stories that have made them into the persons they’ve become.  When things inevitably change in their lives in the months or years that follow, we watch their stories unfold through the photos we’ve taken and we’re drawn right back to the happiness of that day.  

Each story we relive is a jarring reminder of the unpredictability of life and the importance that weddings hold in bringing people together, rekindling relationships, and the celebration of love and happiness.  From budding romances to lost love ones, our photos travel across time, telling our present selves the story of our past, hugging our hearts with tangible memories and familiar feelings.  It’s borderline wizardry how our inanimate pens and lenses can animate our past so vividly.

As wedding photojournalists we professionally tell love stories, but it’s as friends that we remember our client’s personally.  Connecting with you all is what makes us remember that our jobs are important and our happiness immemorial.  Thank you for your love.   

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