Where do you guys live, again?

Apollo Fields Wedding Photography | Husband and Wife Team | Colorado to New York

It has already been nine months since Heather and I moved back to East Northport, NY, from Arvada, Colorado, yet our friends in New York City still have no idea where we live. It’s almost like the 100 miles of Long Island that run from Manhattan to Montauk consist of nothing but the Hamptons and two major airports. Well consider this our PSA, roadmap, and directions to our home base in the void where we continue to host dinner parties and celebrate life in between our trips as traveling wedding photographers.

Northport, NY, is a small town on the northern shore of Long Island about an hour’s drive or train ride from New York City. It’s charm lives downtown near the harbor, resting in the breeze on one of the benches beneath a gazebo at the end of a long L-shaped dock.  During the winter, the moorings are vacant, but as spring and summer roll around, the narrow waterway becomes populated with boats and sunshine, families and dogs, and lots of homemade ice cream. There are a bunch of local restaurants, an amazing brewery (shoutout to Sand City Brewing), a small theater, and an inactive trolley line that runs down the center of the street, reminding us of simpler times. On a beautiful warm sunny day, the slightly salty breeze that sweeps through the town and into your nostrils is as relaxing as laying in a hammock as it gently sways in the wind.


Northport also happens to be my hometown, which means that around every corner lies some dormant memory of my adolescence. I drove by the movie theater where I had my first date the other day, and I remembered how I barely caught any of How the Grinch Stole Christmas because all I could think about was how to smoothly put my arm over my date’s shoulder (spoiler alert: I never did). Then there are the familiar, “oh, look at how much things have changed” moments that come with touring a place you used to know so well.  It’s a strange feeling that somehow brings me closer to the past as I gradually move away from it. And nowhere am I reminded just how far I’ve come then when I introduce Heather to an old acquaintance or family friend.

Experiencing Northport with Heather has reminded me why I married her and why we’re searching for a semi-rural farm wedding property to call a home. Suburban Long Island can feel very isolating at times, especially for young small business owners like ourselves, as most of our neighbors spend their entire lives riding the LIRR on their commute to New York City, leaving little energy to foster a sense of community outside of their children’s functions. So as a recently married childless couple, we have been struggling to find communities until we realized one of our greatest strengths is using our home to create one of our own. Hosting dinner parties is so ingrained in our relationship that we don’t even need to speak to each other as we prepare the meal and set up the table, we just move about our home like performers in perfect concert. There is no doubt that this is when I feel most comfortable, most at peace, and most in love with Heather.  


So if you didn’t know where we are, now you know.  All you have to do is take the LIRR from Penn Station to Northport and you can either walk to our front door or we can pick you up.  We invite you all to be part of our community as we move from home to home, connecting those around our dinner table one meal at a time. We are still shooting weddings in Colorado, Maine, upstate New York, New York City, Pennsylvania any anywhere that love calls, so feel free to reach out! Everyone is invited to our home (especially if you promise to bring us some local craft beer or whiskey), so come one come all, to the most recent home of Apollo Fields!

Terrence & Heather

Let’s chat quickly about travel fees and where we can work as “locals”: For SURE, you won’t run into travel fees within a 40 mile radius of either 11731 or 80002 zip codes for your wedding. However, we also LOVE to travel and try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to hitting the road (or sky) to get to your event. Don’t be shy just because of distance! Reach out and tell us what you’ve got going on :)