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Rob & Lizzie’s Upstate NY Wedding in the Woods

Liz & Rob’s Wedding in the Woods | Cazenovia NY | DIY Upscale Backyard Weddings | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Some call getting married “taking the plunge,” others call it “tying the knot,” but never before have we heard it called “stepping through the portal.”

“The Portal” is what Rob and Lizzie called their woodland-sourced and family-crafted circular altar. It’s mismatched limbs created a complete arch with local wildflowers and ivy and it was unlike any altar we’ve ever seen. This thoughtful feature of Rob and Lizzie’s wedding in the woods of Cazenovia, NY, is but one of the many things that made their wedding one of the most unique we’ve ever documented.

Rob & Lizzie are a couple of New York City performers who own their own dance theater business and are constantly using the sidewalks as their stage. Where we see open space, they see bodies and choreography, and where we see people— they see an audience. Rob and Lizzie’s creativity knows no bounds and ambitions have no limits. They are as present and improvisational as they are contemplative and calculated. Their energy and relationship epitomizes the creative New York spirit that pulls wanting eyes to the sparkling lights of Broadway. They are performers.


And their celebration of love reflected just that. From the hula-hooping fire twirler, to “the portal,” and multiple dance and singing performances, we never saw a stagnant soul. Tears were shed, lips quivered, and bodies embraced. Family and friends sat on on the edges of their seats beneath an illuminated tent in the otherwise dark woods. Every word spoken barely left the lips of cracking voices. Moments were used to reflect and collect emotions rather than repeat dead words, reminding us all that love is a product of our collective souls. The memory of this celebration still echoes in my mind like a catchy, heartfelt Beatles’ tune.

The word that kept coming up when I asked the guests about Rob and Lizzie was nucleus. Like their guests came to their wedding because they pulled them into their lives like floating electrons. All of us are are charged with a certain amount of energy but some of us have a bit more magnetism, a bit more pull than others.

Watching the way Lizzie and Rob exchanged moments with their eyes showed us just that. They didn’t talk to their friends, they reached out with their irises and arms and touched them. They made them feel seen and felt—a feeling humans spend a lot of time chasing —Rob and Lizzie gave in a glance. What a wonderful kind of pull they have.


Rob and Lizzie reminded me that we are all nuclei and centers of our own communities. That we bring something to our friends and families in our lives that no one else does. They also reminded me that we are in a constant state of self-improvement.

That ambition isn’t only about accolades and achievements but also emotional well-being. What pulls people in is not what you have done or seen but the way you make people feel. Our magnetism comes from our centers, our portals, and our nuclei. Cheers to Rob and Lizzie, and the performers of the world that remind us that we’re supposed to feel.

Enjoy these sneak peeks from Lizzie & Rob’s wedding:


Photography & Writing | Apollo Fields
DJ/Band | Melody Rose DJ
Getting Ready Photos/Hotel | The Brewster Inn
Rehearsal “Dinner” | Brae Loch Inn
Bakery | Half Moon Bakery
Florist | Just a Sweet Grandma in town named Wesley
Decor/Tent | Ralston Tents & Events
Dress aka “Moon Baby” | Theia | Lovely Bride
Suit | Macy’s
Invitations/Save the Dates | Canva | Shutterfly
Custom Rings | Misty Summers 


Come Join us for a Beer and Let’s Talk Wedding Planning!

This is from a recent visit to Port Jeff Brewing Company on Long Island, one of our local faves. The visit included an IPA, an imperial stout, and our two dogs getting a barkload of attention. Cheers!

Emily and Augie's Beach Wedding in Cape Cod

Emily & Augie’s Wedding | Cape Cod Beach Weddings | New England Photographers | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

Cape Cod, Massachusetts holds a special place in my heart. From the cottage style homes set back from the windswept sandy streets, to the multitude of mini-golf courses, lobster rolls and ocean beaches; the laid-back summer vibe is built into the DNA of the peninsula. As a kid, my family vacationed there every year, renting out the same cottage on the Great Pond in Eastham with a creaky screen door and a hammock in the front yard. This year, Heather and I continued the family tradition by photographing a wedding for a Brooklyn-based couple, Emily and Augie, and Cape Cod’s special place in my heart got a whole lot bigger. 


Emily and Augie first met at a small liberal arts school in upstate New York and have been “Emily and Augie” ever since. I refer to them as a couple in scare quotes because they’re one of those couples that complement each other so well that you wonder if telepathy really exists. Their relationship is more than being on the same page—it’s like they have both already finished the book, written a critique, and printed and packaged it nicely with one of those plastic sleeves you only use for really important documents.  Emily and Augie come prepared with the best parts of a “type A” personality, carry themselves with a relaxed elegance, and aren’t afraid to be goofy. Thus, it was no surprise that Emily and Augie and their respective families were an absolute dream to work with!

Emily and Augie held their wedding ceremony on the beach of a private inlet of Little Pleasant Bay (aww) in Orleans. Augie didn’t wear shoes. Their close family friend, “Commodore Dave,” officiated and told a story about a hike up Mount Washington they all did together, using it as an analogy of their personalities, reminding everyone of their different styles of outdoor recreational preparation (Augie wore sneakers instead of hiking boots on a rugged trail while Emily came prepared to the 9’s).

The rest of the service involved readings from their close friends and family members, including a sonnet from Shakespeare and a quote from science writer Bill Bryson. The tone of Commodore Dave’s voice matched the breezy atmosphere of a warm fall day on the beach in the northeast, taking natural pauses to leave space for reflection and laughter


The reception followed at Augie’s family’s private residence just up the road. A charming mix of lights dangled from a pristine white tent, warmly welcoming guests to a cocktail hour that included some of Cape Cod’s finest shellfish. A large live band warming up in the background created the perfect ambiance for old friends to reconnect, family members to share stories, and grab a drink or two before the party really kicked off. Emily and Augie bounced from table to table and I think Emily may’ve even been bare foot by then. In an idyllic mix of class and comfort, the night pressed on in an undeniably “Emily and Augie” way. 

When the night came to a close I found myself dangling my feet from the tree swing in their backyard. I watched as their wedding guests clung to the last few moments of the reception in long embraces and future promises. Working in the wedding industry teaches you that the way a couple chooses to celebrate their love says a lot about them. As for Emily and Augie, I imagine their future will be just as beautifully planned and executed, with many moments of sinking their toes into the Cape Cod sands in between.   

Enjoy these sneak peeks of Emily & Augie’s Wedding:


Photography & Writing | Apollo Fields
Live Band | Solon Z and the Sapphires
DJ | DJ Nixx Entertainment
Cake/Bakery | Hole in One
Decor/Party Rentals | Peak Rentals
Event Planner | Dana Hammatt; Macs Catering
Dress & Veil | Anomalie
Hair | NY Hair Co. (Orleans, MA)
Makeup | Amanda Bowen Comeau
Earrings | Mignonne Gavigan
Engagement Ring | Doyle and Doyle
Bouquet Ties | Roxanne Assouline


All Weddings Need Beer-Toting Donkeys

Pretty self-explanatory here. We had Heather’s aunt Pam’s donkey, Brownie, outfitted with a custom-made beer basket by her uncle, Steve, for our wedding. Just another day in the life. Happy one year anniversary, babe!

Matt and Julie's Sapphire Point Engagement Photos

Matt and Julie’s Sapphire Point Engagement Session | Dillon, Colorado Engagements | Lake Dillon Photography | Apollo Fields Wedding Photographers

I’ve never described a view as “sticky” before, but that’s the word that came to mind after we wrapped Matt and Julie’s engagement session at Sapphire Point in Dillon, CO. It was like the feeling I got as a kid when it began to get dark and there was just one inning left in our wiffle ball game. “Just one more inning, mom!” It’s this feeling that this moment is all that exists and to leave it would be to deny yourself an experience that you will never get back. Call it juvenile or dramatic but I think 12-year-old me and 31-year-old me might be on to something.


Our first meeting with Matt and Julie happened in one of our favorite places—a brewery. Oasis Brewing Company in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, CO, is a multi-level, exposed-brick venue with rustic wooden tables and industrial steel beams to anchor the open, charming space (I actually helped re-open it in March 2018). Once we grabbed a beer we all took a seat at one of the banquet tables along the wall and chatted about Matt and Julie’s wedding in Littleton, CO, in May 2020. The conversation mimicked the space in which we spoke: laid-back, organized, and youthful yet sophisticated. 

Matt (a lawyer) and Julie (a teacher) represent the kind of couples that we are grateful to attract and meet. Matt and Julie know what they want, aren’t afraid to ask questions, and their communication is a wonderful mix of professional, candid, and casual. These conversational cornerstones allows us to navigate the complexity of wedding photography, i.e. “what do we get?” or “what are we paying for?”, with ease. Instead of bogging down the meeting in the details, we candidly ask what they are looking for in wedding photography as we all casually take a sip of our beer. This way, we can deliver a customized package based on their priorities rather than trying to sell them products or services they’re not interested in. Of course, we don’t expect every one of our couples to know what they want like Matt and Julie, but it’s definitely something we’re grateful for when it comes down to the brass tacks of wedding photography (totally thought it was “brass tax” until I Googled it). 


Fast forward a few months and we’re meeting Matt and Julie at Matt’s family home in Dillon for their engagement shoot. We were welcomed by his mother and father, two dogs, and a brilliantly blue Colorado sky quickly approaching our coveted golden hour. We began by taking a stroll down by the cliffs of their home for a more casual start before we made our way up to the photographer-and-chipmunk occupied Sapphire Point (seriously, there were adorable little chipmunks scampering everywhere). Luckily, we came on a Sunday night when it wasn’t that busy, we don’t even want to imagine the amount of hikers we would have photoshop out of a picture on a Saturday afternoon.

The love was real, the mood was romantic, and the view was...sticky. Everything about Matt and Julie’s engagement session made my eyes and heart want to stay but it was starting to get dark. It was an experience I may never to get to live again exactly, but perhaps that’s the best way to appreciate a moment. To allow your desires to remain a bit unsatiated, to walk up the hiking path away from the view so that your mind clings to its pristine image in all its glory. I can still see that sunset when I close my eyes, and even though I won’t know how that wiffle ball game was supposed to end, maybe I’m not supposed to. 

Enjoy Julie & Matt’s Engagement Photos:


Breweries and happy couples… these are a few of our favorite things…

Hanging with Matt and Julie after their Sapphire Point engagement photos! What better place to connect than over a craft beer! If that makes us hipsters then you should expect handlebar mustaches on both of us shortly!

Kelly and Alec’s Mountain Wedding at Wedgewood Boulder Creek

Apollo Fields | Wedgewood Weddings at Boulder Creek | Intimate Wedding Photos | Candid Wedding Photography

The modernization of traditions keeps our jobs as wedding photographers fresh and inventive. From DIY ceremonies and weddings in the woods to more conventional rituals in churches; each wedding reveals each couple’s unique relationship to their respective belief systems. Kelly and Alec’s catholic wedding at Sacred Heart of Mary and reception at Wedgewood-Boulder Creek in Boulder, Colorado, showed us that you can both honor your past and embrace the new.


Before Kelly and Alec’s wedding, I never knew the significance of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment. But when we went to photograph Kelly and Alec’s first touch (a version of a “first look” where a couple doesn’t see each other) right near a fountain with a golden statue of St. Francis, Alec filled me in after they shared a few moments of beautiful tension. Alec spoke about St. Francis the same way that an environmentalist speaks about Jane Goodall, worshipping the person for what they mean to the natural world rather than elevating them as an idol outside the realm of natural phenomena. It was incredibly refreshing to see someone who holds a monotheistic belief system so close to their heart also share a deep love for Mother Nature. 


Following the ceremony inside the church, the caravan climbed Boulder Creek Canyon Road to the reception hall a few minutes into the foothills of the Rockies. Wedgewood-Boulder Creek is an immaculately designed, accessible, and romantic setting to host one of life’s most precious gatherings. Upon entering the space you can hear the trickle of Boulder Creek, just as the friendly staff of the venue greet you with your favorite refreshments and libations. The flow of the property mimics the way the creek carves its way through the mountains, allowing for family and friends to naturally convene on patios and berms of fresh green grass. There is no doubt in my mind that St. Francis helped Kelly and Alec choose this venue to celebrate their love.


On a day where clouds were kept at bay, golden hour floated in the early evening air like lightning bugs on a summer night. We borrowed Kelly and Alec from their celebration for a few romantics down by the creek and thanks to their genuine chemistry we didn’t keep them for long. They spun and smiled and danced and frolicked. They kissed. They unabashedly enjoyed themselves, wrapping their arms around one another like vines around a tree. Undeniably in love, we laughed, snapped pictures, and danced with them. When love is as natural as the trees, the breeze, or the trickle of the creek, you better believe that you’re doing something right. If Kelly and Alec wouldn’t take credit themselves, I’m sure they’ll be thanking St. Francis for a long time to come.


Venue | Wedgewood - Boulder Creek

Dress | Madison James

Floral | Painted Primrose, Sabia Magrun

DJ/Band | Diamond Empire Band

Suit | Generation Tux

Rings | Shane Co.

Hair & Makeup | Serenity Salon- Arvada

Cake | Kelly Leigh Cakes


Oh Hey!

It’s us at the end of the night having the best time with Kelly & Alec.

Frances & Bryce's Engagement Photos in Arvada, Colorado

Frances & Bryce’s Engagement Session | Wheat Ridge, Colorado | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

    The current of Clear Creek typically slows in the final weeks of summer, where the chilly melted remnants of winter finally give way to the warmth of the relentless sun. But this year—the water level that usually sinks to reveal the high water marks of the season— where the different layers of soil look like little horizons in the riverbanks—was still flowing strong in mid-August. As Bryce and Frances laughed and danced creekside during their outdoor engagement session, I couldn’t help but think of the parallels of their relationship and Heather and I’s, and the Colorado current that brought us all together.

    The first time I met Bryce was at his family cabin in the mountains in Eldora, where Heather was doing a quick photo session for Frances’ family. I remember his firm handshake and the way he maintained eye contact when he spoke to me, like the way humans used to interact before texting became our primary mode of communication. Somewhere between a paternal, uncle, and a brother’s relationship, I knew from the beginning that Bryce and I would see eye-to-eye—and this was before I knew how similar Frances and Heather are.


    To give you an idea about Frances, during this family session in Eldora, she wanted to get some badass shots of her in a leather jacket riding her motorcycle down a dirt road. We did. It was badass. Frances—like Heather—has a way about smiling through you while she controls a situation; like, “ohhh, you thought it was going to go that way?, haha, it isn’t.” It’s the part of their characters that Bryce and I respectively butt heads with but ironically is most likely the same reason we chose them as partners. They’re strong—like really strong. Heather’s the kind of girl that can sit alone at a rowdy bar and take care of herself; and I haven’t seen Frances sit alone at a bar but I can imagine she’d be juuust fine, too. But more than their drive or their individuality, they are both beautiful women who can recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and address them rationally and logically.

    When we all got dinner together at the Arvada Tavern (one of our fave local spots for cocktails) after the engagement session—just like every other time we get together—the parallels of our relationships immediately flow into conversation. In the presence of another couple “who gets it,” we all kind of take turns playfully ripping on our significant other, using the forum as a soundboard and opportunity for catharsis (or I do at least :)). It might get a little dicey at times when someone pushes it too far, but that’s what’s great about our dynamic—one or two of us will be able to pull it back to center.  Spending time or having drinks with Frances and Bryce means learning about their relationship as we explore our own. 


Somewhere between mentors and friends we are able to speak candidly and personally, professionally and with a business mindset. Through our friendship we add to our souls just as much as we add to our business. No one is ever afraid to speak their mind and we are all stronger for it. We’re so grateful to swim in the came current as you two. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are, Frances and Bryce.

Colorado Engagement Photography | Apollo Fields 
Wardrobe | Glenn & Glenn

Hey! That’s us!

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Rachel and Billy's Engagement Photos in Beacon, NY

apollo fields | engagement photos in beacon, ny | outdoor engagement | upstate new york weddings

Escaping to the mountains in Colorado was easy. 30 minutes in a car and the Rockies swallowed us up. The distance to nature from New York City isn’t that much further but it feels like a lot longer. That’s because when you live in NYC -- any trip that requires a subway (or god forbid a bus) transfer -- is like flying to Texas and having a layover in Atlanta. The luxury of the travel service is shrouded by our entitlement and the relative way in which the culture of a city interprets time. I realize that the second part of that sentence sounds like something out of a sociologist textbook but just hear me out.


Heather and I drove up to Beacon, NY, for an engagement session with one of our August 2020 couples, Rachel and Billy. They went to school in upstate NY, currently live up there, and could never see themselves in a metropolis like NYC. When I asked Billy why -- he barely had to answer -- as his eyes stayed fixed upon the rolling topography of Beacon Mountain, studying the horizon like it contained a secret of an ancient text. For Rachel and Billy, proximity to nature is a priority and they couldn’t imagine not having a treeline to watch the sun set over. They thrive on taking the time to slow down and stare out into the woods. That’s the main difference between Rachel and Billy and people who live in NYC.

People who live in NYC never slow down -- and the only things they stare at -- are the things that are in fact slowing them down. Because we move so fast, when things are moving slowly, they feel like they’re going really slow. Einstein theorized that time is relative but living in New York is the proof. Traveling from the city to upstate feels like a journey across several states when in reality it’s as easy as two trains and one transfer. By comparison, traveling to the mountains from Denver feels like a quick trip up the road because the pace of the city is slower. For people in Denver, like Rachel and Billy, involving nature in their lives is a lifestyle priority, not a logistical stressor. Lucky for Heather and I, we have an occupation that makes trekking into the woods an enjoyable business trip.


Driving up to Beacon, NY, for Rachel and Billy’s outdoor engagement photos illuminated just one of the many accessible towns from NYC along the Hudson River Valley. Just as the boundaries of where young people find affordable housing in Brooklyn, Harlem, and Queens are constantly expanding, so are the cultural development of towns running north along the Metro-North train lines. If you’re like Heather and I (or Emily and Augie), and enjoy the hustle of the city complemented by the solitude of nature, press through the stress of traveling and get up and get out. You might just meet another literally down-to-earth couple like Rachel and Billy -- and if you don’t -- just take a deep breath and study the horizon.

Enjoy Rachel & Billy’s Engagement Photos:

photography | apollo fields


We’re All a Little Bit Crazy

From our animals to ourselves, we’re all a little bit crazy. Anyone who doesn’t admit that they’re at least a little crazy is definitely crazy. Heather and I love each other for all of our quirks and would love to get to know yours! Whether you’re looking for a photographer or a friend, drop us a line by clicking below!

Katie & Anthony's NYC Sunrise Anniversary Photos

Katie & Anthony’s Anniversary Session | DUMBO Brooklyn Photography | Top of the Rock Session | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

From a Colorado mountain engagement sunrise session to an anniversary celebration in New York City, the early hours of daylight continue to breathe new life into our work. Who knew that the Brooklyn Bridge is literally empty at sunrise? Or that you can basically have a private session at the Top of the Rock if you show up around opening time? By utilizing the sunrise rather than our beloved “golden hour” sunset, we captured one-of-a-kind moments of Katie and Anthony that they will cherish forever.

Katie, a fellow photographer based out of Illinois initially found us through our shared network of shutterbugs. This made taking their anniversary photos a breeze! There’s nothing like working with professionals who know what they’re doing. It was refreshing despite the fact that it required us to get out of bed at 4am. Through yawns and coffee we all powered through and had a magical morning.


I say magical because you will never find a time where the Brooklyn Bridge is completely empty — it was like stepping onto the front of the stage at Carnegie Hall to an empty auditorium — and the silence and solitude allowed the immensity of the structure to sink in. That’s because a moment of peaceful reflection in New York City is more rare than an empty, clean air conditioned subway car. You gotta get real lucky to find one. Or maybe you just gotta get up as bars are just closing and the morning papers are hot off the presses (Do people still say this in the 21st century?)

The point is, if you have your heart set on a certain shot in a certain spot in New York City, you have to make a concerted effort like Katie and Anthony to get it. Otherwise it’s a battle against a city of 8 million people who all have a place to be. At Apollo Fields, we are more than willing to schedule a sunrise session because of what it avails us — whether in New York or in the Rockies (or anywhere else for that matter!) — because there is an undeniable peace or resetting of the mind that comes with the real beginning of the day.


Don’t settle for the cookie cutter images that other people have. Don’t settle for what is easy. Pursue the photo or the life you imagine because the world outside of your body should reflect what’s on the inside. The kids say that they’re “woke,” and Childish Gambino tells ‘em to stay that way, but we’re telling you to wake up early, reset your mind, and truly embrace the peaceful light of the day—at least once in awhile.

Enjoy these photos from Katie & Anthony’s anniversary session:

New York City Photography: Apollo Fields
Locations: Brooklyn Bride | DUMBO | Top of the Rock


From our family to yours!

There are bumps in every road and our wheelchair-bound badass Jack Russel, Riddle, handles them better than most. For those who aren’t afraid of life’s curveballs, drop us a line, we’d love to be your friends or your photographers!

Mel & Matt's Elk Meadow Elopement in Colorado

Melissa & Matt’s Elopement | Evergreen, Colorado Elopements | Apollo Fields Wedding Photography

I am very excited to share not only the beautiful pictures from Melissa & Matt’s Colorado elopement, but also the guest blog from our dear friend and officiant, Carya:


“It was in the freezer aisle of Costco…

…snacking on yet another sample, that Melissa non-chalantly said to me, “Hey, I have a random question. Are you ordained in Colorado?” As it turns out, I am! And as we waited in line to check out, she told me of their plans to elope. 

Melissa and Matt had been engaged for 5 years. And every time they sat down to start to plan a wedding, stress and anxiety quickly followed. Both born and raised in Colorado in big families, they knew that if they had a traditional wedding, it would be a dauntingly big affair. So a few months ago, they decided that what would honor them best is to go up into the mountains, just the two of them (and their sweet pup, Country), and tie the knot in the simplest way! Once they knew what they truly wanted, they spoke with their close family and friends to inform them of their plans. 

I had only officiated one wedding before, and I absolutely loved it! As a yoga teacher, it felt very natural to mindfully guide a couple through such a special ceremony. So, of course, I was thrilled to be asked to preside over their wedding and for one of my best friends to ask me to be such an integral part of her big day! She has been there for me through so much, I was so grateful to be able to return the favor! 

When I first asked Melissa if she had plans for photos, she said, “I just figured we would have you take a few shots after.” Thinking that would just not do, I knew just who to call! You never know when Heather is going to be in Colorado, maybe she will be around! If not, she will surely know someone! Melissa, Heather and I all worked together in Arvada and had become good friends, so when I told Heather that Melissa and Matt were eloping, she jumped into action. Because Heather is a legit Wonder Woman, on top of all the other work she does, she mentors other photographers who are just starting out. And since she would not be in Denver, she secured her mentee Carly, who happened to be free on a Tuesday evening around sunset with less than a week’s notice. 

With photos in place, my focus turned to flowers. Every bride has to have flowers, no matter how small the wedding! I have done freelance wedding flowers for many years and I wanted to make a beautiful bouquet for Melissa. I had recently heard of an urban farmer growing beautiful flowers on her little farm in Arvada, CO. Since I follow Gina on Instagram, I reached out to her and she invited us out to her farm to pick flowers for Melissa’s bouquet. The day before the wedding, we met Gina early in the morning in her beautiful fields. She guided us through, naming all the flowers and then gave us clippers and a bucket and told us to take our pick!


As we walked up and down the rows of blooms, Melissa would stop and marvel at the beauty a specific flower. She fell in love with radiant dahlias and happy sunflowers and picked white lavender and sage to give her bouquet a beautiful aroma. Later, as I made the bouquet, I remembered how she chose each flower with such love and care. It was a beautiful experience and made her bouquet that much more special!

When the wedding day arrived, we met at Melissa’s mom’s house. Melissa got ready with her mom and sister while Matt and Country hung out in the back yard. Her sister placed a few flowers in her hair while her mom placed precious family jewelry around her neck. She joined Matt and Country in the back yard for their first look, sharing a sweet moment, however fleeting due to Country’s bounding excitement. Then we all shared a champagne toast with her family before climbing into Matt’s pickup and heading up to the mountains. 

A few days prior, Melissa and Matt had traveled up to Evergreen, CO to look for the perfect spot for the ceremony. They chose Elk Meadow Open Space and found a small patch of trees, not far off the trail, with lichen covered rocks and a beautiful view of the meadow as a backdrop. 


The ceremony was short and simple, with a heartfelt message to their families and a beautiful poem that the couple chose. Little Country was overcome with emotion and cried throughout the ceremony. A sweet mix of Melissa and Matt’s favorite love songs played softly as they professed their love to each other. A few tears were shed and before you know it, they were married!!! 

While a champagne toast is great and all, this elopement was about being true to who Matt and Melissa are, and though they have their moments of poise and class, they are also country bumpkins at heart. So we busted out some Montucky ColdSnacks for them to toast this next chapter in their lives. 

With daylight waning, they walked through the meadow hand in hand, enjoying the peace they created for themselves through this intimate setting. We gathered up our few things, and Country and I crawled into the backseat of the pickup, where he promptly fell asleep (all that crying is tiring!). Melissa summed up the day perfectly as she tapped Matt on the arm and exclaimed, “Holy crap, Babe, we’re married!”

Writing by: Carya Haas

Enjoy the photos from Mel & Matt’s elopement:

Photography: Associate shot by Carly for Apollo Fields
Florals: SheGrows
CO Elopement Location: Elk Meadow, Evergreen

Emily & Augie’s Engagement Photos in Brooklyn Heights

emily & augie’s engagement photos in NYC | brooklyn heights, bk | apollo fields wedding photography

The night before our trip to Colorado a couple weeks back, Heather and I met up with one of our September 2019 couples, Emily and Augie, at their apartment in Brooklyn Heights. It was supposed to be an early evening where we all get to know each other a little bit but ended with each of us telling story after story over a few glasses of wine and laughing all the way until midnight. #noregrets. What this quintessential New York City night made clear to us (other than that Emily and Augie’s wedding is gonna be dope AF) is that whether we are in New York or Colorado, we are always finding couples who are trying to surround themselves with nature. 

    When we first stepped into Emily and Augie’s penthouse apartment we were greeted by white walls that opened the space up with light as a breeze came in through the patio door. After a warm welcome and quick tour, we stepped out onto their serene terrace where vine ripe tomatoes, basil, thyme, and grapes grew in raised garden beds, thriving on a custom irrigation system which Augie built himself. He also re-floored the entire patio with a clean wooden farmhouse look to replace the rubber mats that should be kept on NYC playgrounds. He said it was the hardest math problem he’s ever done, lol. We really admire when people have the skills and ambition to take on DIY projects like this! As we lounged and spoke about our love of nature and photography, their two dogs ran between our legs and teased one another with their toys and we were well on our way to a wonderful evening.


    In a kind of afterthought, Emily and Augie told us we can climb a metal ladder that reaches to the roof for a view of downtown Manhattan. If you’ve seen the pictures, this was a massive undersell. It was like saying, “you can go look at piles of dirt and trees when you drive on I-70 through the Rockies.” The view from their private rooftop is what people dream of when they rent their first basement shoe box apartment in New York City. They have an unobstructed view of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, downtown Manhattan and the Freedom tower—they could be running a tourist attraction for crying out loud—and it was all an afterthought. They were so much more excited to talk about their dogs, pluck a grape, tomato, or a leaf of basil, and hand it to us rather than boast a view they could charge admission for. Just thinking about the humility and priorities of these two makes us so grateful to be their wedding photographers! When they eventually joined us on the rooftop they didn’t even think we’d snap pictures of them up there, which was equal parts dumbfounding and endearing.


    After we climbed down and our jaws returned to their natural resting position, we made our way to their favorite local Italian spot, Noodle Pudding. With each of us coming from our respective quirky families we exchanged stories in a friendly one-upping of “you won’t believe this,” covering everything from barroom stories, to trusting strangers, and wedding planning. The food spread included some of the freshest caprese salad I’ve ever tasted, fried zucchini, some true Brooklyn homemade lasagna, and a couple of glasses of house red to wash it all down. When we all finally threw in our white handkerchiefs we were all full, happy, and ready to call it a night, although I’m pretty sure we all had a story or two left in each of us.

    Whether our couples are from New York, Colorado, or somewhere in between, we find that most of them are trying to surround themselves with something green. I’m not talking about money or the famous Colorado herb but something that brings them back to nature. While it is obviously much easier in Colorado than New York, Emily and Augie have shown us what can be done even in the concrete jungle. 


Photography: Apollo Fields


The many faces behind Apollo Fields

Terrence & Heather here, the passionate creatives behind the pen and lens. This photo is from when we got married in October 2018 and is a wonderful representation of our relationship! Click on the photo and drop us a line, 2020 is booking up FAST!

Sage & John's Engagement Photos in Downtown Northport

Sage & John's Engagement Photos in Downtown Northport | Long Island Engagement Photography | Apollo Fields Weddings

It was so much fun to capture Sage and John’s engagement in our very own hometown— Northport, NY. The downtown area really comes alive in the summer with tons of families and pups hanging around the docks and little main street shops. This couple is so sweet and down to earth that this setting was perfect and we really lucked out in terms of light for the night!

I loved getting to spend the evening with them, despite being covered in poison ivy (and literally running out of urgent care for our session!) and their company actually made me forget that I wanted to crawl out of my own skin! We popped up and down the main street area and caught the docks for a beautiful sunset on the water. After our shoot, we were able to grab a beer at our favorite local brewery, Sand City and chat about everything from commuter life on the island to wedding planning.

We’re so excited for Sage & John’s wedding in just a few short weeks and cannot wait to capture all of the amazingness then!

Enjoy their engagement pics below:

Mercie & Dan’s Rollins Pass Engagement Shoot in Nederland, CO

Mercie & Dan’s Engagement Session | Rollins Pass Nederland, Colorado | Mountain Engagements | Apollo Fields

As night gave way to day, rays of sunshine swept away the shadows on the trees, lifting golden purples and greens to contrast with the muted blue sky. The morning chill still lingering in the air brought our breaths and bodies closer together as our reflections shivered upon the reservoir’s still surface. Movements warm our bodies just as emotions stir our souls; and there’s always that one look during these engagement sessions that reveals this inward dance in the eyes of our couples—a sort of intimate revelation—that leaps from their irises like the first light over a dark horizon. 

Mercie and Dan were first set up in high school and their relationship still shines with an optimistic and exuberant young energy. Bolstered by their strong and confident characters, it’s hard not to be enamored by the story of how Mercie asked Dan to prom by spelling it out in sushi at Dan’s first experience with the Japanese culinary tradition. Cuter still is how Mercie doubled down on this romantic gesture when asking Dan to marry her! (If that doesn’t immediately make you think of a scene in a romantic comedy I don’t know what does.) Their happiness during their engagement shoot in Nederland was as palpable as the smiles on their faces. Kind of like what Dan said about the first time she told Mercie she loved her (at prom), “[the words] just sort of fell out of my face.”


Bearing witness and documenting relationships like Mercie and Dan’s is just one of the many reasons why Heather and I love running Apollo Fields. Whether it’s the privilege of connecting with such loving people, or appreciating a love in an idyllic yin-and-yang, conditional-meeting-unconditional balance that serves as a reminder for Heather and I’s own symbiotic relationship, or perhaps the most practical and paramount point— what these photos mean to them. Around every corner of every moment of these engagement sessions are parts of life to be appreciated. We promise to never to forget that. For our sake—and for Apollo Fields’ sake.


Mercie and Dan aren’t sure where or when they are going to get married, but we hope to be there. They’re moving to California in a couple months and we’d follow them coast-to-coast, hell maybe even continent-to-continent if they asked us. We’re so excited for them to start this next journey together and know that they have all of the support they will ever need.

Sometimes in life you take leaps and sometimes you take bruises. “You learn to figure things out,” Mercie said, “I am who I am through trial and error.” I believe that the freedom to explore the world inside and outside ourselves is the key to finding enduring happiness and supportive partners. By staying close to home, or refusing to acknowledge the movements of the emotions inside our bodies and minds, our worldviews become myopic and close-minded. Learning to take risks and choosing to be brave opens an entire world of experiences, so if you’re looking for that little push—just remember—that first light is just on the other side of the dark horizon.

Here’s to you Mercie and Dan!

Colorado Engagement Photography:

Colorado Wedding Photography | Apollo Fields

Apollo fields: your wedding photographer friends

August 13, 2019   

As we conclude another busy stretch that included: a wedding near the artsy town Hudson in upstate NY, a studio collaboration in Philly with a badass industry professional and friend, Dylan Crossley, and a boudoir shoot on Long Island—we’re ready to pack up our gear and start our next leg in Boulder, Colorado. Our rigorous schedule can be demanding, stressful, and scattered all over the place, but we find that it’s better to push ourselves rather than rest on our laurels because 1. our future selves will thank us; and 2. We have each other.

Heather has been on site for wedding days more often than myself this season, so when I got to shoot with her at the wedding in Ghent, NY, this past weekend, it reminded me of all the great parts of being a wedding photographer.  From celebrating a couple’s love, to hearing people speak directly from the heart, and bearing witness to reunion after reunion and hug after hug—there’s so much going on in a wedding to be grateful for.

One thing I cannot emphasize enough for a couple who’s seeking a wedding photographer is to meet with your candidates before the wedding. You don’t realize how intimate the relationship is with your wedding photographer until the day of; when your mother or maid of honor is helping you slip into your dress, or your best man or father is helping you adjust your bow tie in the mirror—and just over your shoulder is a person with a camera. Yes, we’re professionals and can still do our job without really getting to know one another, but when we know what makes you comfortable or the backstory for the details that mean something to you, we can do our jobs that much better. At Apollo Fields, we prefer to be close to our couples, crying with them from behind our cameras rather than maintaining a safe distance from the connections and emotions that make a wedding day so special. 

    Traveling can be a lot. Personalities can be huge. Energy might not be there. There are so many variables that surround weddings that have stress written all over them, but just like any other obstacles or adversities, sometimes the best thing we can do is control the way we react to them. Better still, we can look at the current circumstances and pull from them the most positive things, choosing the silver lining of our experiences rather than the copper-colored rust of regrets or frustrations. Some say that life is a playground, others say it is a test—I believe it’s somewhere in the middle—with plenty of space for somersaults, self-improvement, and a craft beer in between.

    As we zip up our luggage and secure our gear, I am energized by these words alone. They contain my reflections on the choices that I make everyday. I don’t run from difficulty and I am not afraid of the future. I pursue my goals with Heather, my partner who drives me mad at times but always helps to keep the course of this crooked ship. Here’s to the adventures that shape us along the way and the destination best left unknown.

Anna and Jeff’s Mountain Wedding in Maine

Outdoor barn wedding in maine | apollo fields | granite ridge estate and barn | best maine wedding photographers | wedding in the woods

Highways lined with tall green trees and deep blue lakes. A soaring summer sun casting shadows upon the open road, swaying the silhouettes of Maine over faded yellow lines. Distant laughter echoing from a canoe, heard between splashes and shrieks of joy. Just a stone’s throw away, atop one of the many peaks in Norway, Maine, Anna and Jeff were to be wed at Granite Ridge Estate, an irresistibly charming barn venue tucked into the backwoods in jaw dropping view of the Appalachian Mountains. 

The natural beauty and lush greenery of Maine called to Anna and Jeff’s adventurous hearts, harkening to their love for the outdoors from their childhoods. In fact, Jeff’s family has been going to Camp Winona, a summer camp just down the block from Granite Ridge for generations. It may have been the family ties in the area that brought them to the venue, but it was the gorgeous views and cozy and intimate feel of the barn and estate that solidified it as the location to celebrate their love.


Anna and Jeff’s wedding was the perfect example of a laid back couple setting the tone for the day. There are so many moving parts to a wedding day that can pile up on the minds of brides and grooms, but a strong relationship and a willingness to roll with the punches can turn a bumpy ride into a smooth cruise down an open road with the top down. From the bridesmaids lounging in the rustic and comfortable leather sofas; to the groomsmen exploring a brand new treehouse and tinkering with power tools and construction materials, personalities and laughter were not in short supply.

Hosting a ceremony between the trees provided the perfect refuge for Anna and Jeff’s guests from the blaring summer sun as the crisp air buzzed with adoring anticipation. As words of love left the lips of those around the altar, the eyes and ears of guests drifted between the beauties of nature and the hallmarks of romance. Too often we forget to use our words, our gestures, and our energy to tell those in our lives how much we love them, but a wedding ceremony is the forum to air any and all of the love we carry in our hearts. It is an atmosphere of sensitivity and acceptance, the ethereal realization of the privation nestled in our souls. I can’t think of a better spot to sink into this headspace than in the natural sounds of the woods.


The reception and cocktail hour continued with the theme of natural serenity. Before the sun set towards the horizon, the outline of Mount Washington stood proudly in the distance as sunshine poured through the large windows of the reception hall like warmth into an empty cabin. The pristine decoration and detail adorned the space with a natural elegance, equal parts class and greenery. Refracted rays painted the room with an ethereal glow made of fairy tales and storybooks. It was the scene that children who cannot wait to get married dream of. This was Anna and Jeff’s reality.

It is a luxury and dream of ours to be part of days like this. We are constantly reminding ourselves that we get to enjoy some of the best moments of people’s lives, delivering a product that helps them relive them. Here’s to Anna and Jeff, the latest saga in Apollo Fields that proves that love is real.

The Vendor Team:

Venue: Granite Ridge Estate and Barn
Suits: Joseph A Bank
Day-of Coordinator/Catering: Blue Elephant
Wedding Band: East Coast Soul
Florist: Pooh Corner Farm
Cake/Bakery: Baked with Love
Decor/Party Rentals: Affordable Events
Dress | Designer: WTOO / Andrea’s Bridal
Shoes: Kate Spade Blue and Sparkly
Rings: Creative Gold
Hair and Makeup: Studio 88 Salon
Invitations: Little Ivy Paper Goods


Another happy couple…

Our favorite part about being wedding photographers is getting to know our couples. Apollo Fields is more than a vendor or service, it is a place for us to connect with people who care about creating and preserving timeless memories—it’s a place for us to make people happy and make new friends. If this sounds like you, click the button below!